How Do I know If I Should Become a Makeup Artist?

If you've ever wondered or are wondering if you should become a makeup artist and turn your makeup hobby into a job, keep reading this post.

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Do you like makeup, enjoy this art, already study in some way, watch videos, follow some makeup artists on Instagram, do your makeup well and receive compliments from your friends or have you even received orders for you to do it?

If you’ve ever wondered or are wondering if you should take it a step further and turn your makeup hobby into a job, keep reading this post.

I have elaborated some questions that can help you to detect if you fit the profile of a professional makeup artist and if you should invest in that career.

Remembering that you are just a simple diagnosis so that you have more clarity whether you should maintain your level of knowledge in self-makeup or invest in professional makeup studies and expand the possibilities of gains.

After all, if you already make up your friends and close people for free, why not turn this skill into a source of income, right?

Answer these questions:

1- Is makeup a passion for me? Why?

2- How much time do I spend daily consuming content related to makeup?

3- Do I feel happy and excited when I’m putting on makeup or makeup on someone?

4- Do people praise my personal makeup and ask me to do theirs too?

5- Whenever I do makeup, people ask me what color of lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and other things?

5- Do I like people and feel satisfied to make them more beautiful and happy?

6- I would like to have more freedom of time? A more flexible schedule and routine?

7- Do I understand the importance of the profession and its role in society and in people’s lives?

After answering these questions, you will have an analysis of whether you should turn your makeup hobby into a profession.

Share in the comments if most of your answers were yes or no 🙂

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