Get to know 6 ways to learn professional makeup - Raphael Oliver
Get to know 6 ways to learn professional makeup - Raphael Oliver

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Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.

Get to know 6 ways to learn professional makeup

There are so many ways to learn about makeup that you may eventually feel lost or not knowing where to start, right? That's why I chose the 6 most efficient ways to learn professional makeup, and some of them are completely free. Check it out!

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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If you want to embark on the makeup universe and want to find out how to learn professional makeup, come with me and I’ll show you all the possible steps for you to achieve your dream.

Everyone passionate about makeup wants a professional result, and for that, you need good mentors, content, techniques, training, support all the tools necessary to help you on your learning journey.
In this article, I have separated for you, 6 ways to learn professional makeup and some of them are free.

1 – Blogs / vlogs

That is, what you are doing at this very moment is absolutely right.

Since when the internet was just bush, blogs / vlogs already existed and in order to teach, to disseminate knowledge. Only today, we have a vast offer of content previously seen only in paid and very expensive courses, where the student had to move to where the professional was, having many costs with travel, accommodation, food, etc.

Today, with the evolution of the internet, we have this excellent tool to learn professional makeup in several different ways. You will find complete tutorials with step by step and makeup tips that allow you to learn from the absolute absolute zero.

The great advantage is that you can review as many times as necessary and still answer questions with comments left by other internet users or even comment and interact with the professional.

All of this for free, look what an amazing tool for the beginning of your career!

2 – Watch more videos

Side by side the blogs / vlogs, we have the beloved YouTube channels, where the content is delivered wonderfully and with a wealth of visual details.

In addition to techniques, it is possible to see complete reviews on the performance of products and accessories that give us a great advantage when it comes to choosing products and guiding which ones to buy.

There are many youtubers who are really committed to delivering real content, with sincere opinions and not just cheap advertising.

Therefore, it is important to know and closely monitor their work on social networks, checking the contents, comments and evaluations.

3 – Networking

Networking is important in any profession and on your journey as a makeup artist it will give you a boost.

First because having someone to exchange stickers with, talking about your passion will do you good and also because makeup trends are always changing, as well as fashion, and at a very high speed.

Having people with whom you can update and share knowledge and tricks will do you a lot of good as a person and as a professional because in addition to making friends, the process of learning professional makeup will happen in a natural and pleasant way.

It is a mutual aid, where both win and that outdated idea of competition is broken. It is much more a collaborative mindset where together we are stronger and you will soon realize that there is space for everyone and customers for everyone, each with their own style.

4 – Courses and workshops

I already mentioned in this article about how to choose the best professional makeup course for you, that throughout your career, courses and workshops will always be present, and in fact, we makeup artists must be eternal apprentices. These events can be in person or online, and your choice will depend on your learning style.

5 – Find a mentor

Choose a professional in which you most identify with style and personality and consume as much content as you can. There is a LOT of free content in lives, videos, stories, etc. Get as much as you can about different professional makeup techniques for free, so you know the didactic style and identify with it. Fortunately, there are professionals who are in solidarity with others and share a lot of valuable content, and this will be a kind of preview of the educational style of the professional, giving you more security to take a step forward in some paid course.

6 – Online courses

Online courses have several interesting advantages, especially if you have little time to study, or if you are making a career transition, for example.

Besides, you can study in a more compassionate way and from anywhere in the world. Another important point is that you can learn large amounts of content over months, without having to rush to learn everything in a few days, ending up retaining almost nothing due to mental wear and tear.

To find out how to choose the best online course for you see: Professional Makeup Course Online With Certificate: Is it worth it?

As you can see, learning professional makeup is very possible in many ways, but just like learning any other profession requires a lot of commitment and dedication.

Finding good professional makeup content for beginners is very possible on the internet. Take the time to research and learn a lot from them.

My advice is to be careful with the sources you choose to study, because if you are receiving the wrong guidance about the profession you can make many mistakes that can cost you dearly.

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