How to become a professional makeup artist? Advice from Raphael Oliver

Dreaming of becoming a makeup artist? Follow in this post how to become a professional makeup artist in 08 steps.

Makeup Artist, Educator, Mentor & Coach

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Everything you need to know.

Dreaming of becoming a makeup artist? Follow in this post how to become a professional makeup artist in 08 steps.

Getting paid to spend the day beautifying customers, doing what you like, exercising your creativity and raising people’s self-esteem is what makes being a makeup artist an inspiring and exciting job, but like any other job, it requires a lot of dedication, commitment and preparation.

How to get out of someone who only has makeup as a hobby and become a complete professional makeup artist? I will share my best advice and experiences with you in this post.

And why can I help you?

I’ve been working with professional makeup for over 10 years. I started as a freelance makeup artist and worked with clients for 7 years, where I got to know many customer profiles and live many experiences of the makeup artist’s work in practice.

At the same time, I started teaching professional makeup courses in several cities in Brazil through Master Classes (class courses), which soon became international and have already gone through places like the United States, Dubai, India, Colombia and Ecuador.

Through my experience in career management, marketing and entrepreneurship I was able to reach many people through social networks.

Over my more than 10 years in the beauty field, I have developed techniques, methods and an insight into this market that I want to share with you here.

If you are passionate about makeup, I would like to pursue this career professionally, do not know where to start, grab a pen and paper and come with me.

My first advice is:

how to become a professional makeup artist step 01

1. Define your “why”.

Try to understand why you want to work with makeup specifically, what draws your attention in this work and if you find yourself working with this art for at least 10 years.

I say this because many think that the universe of beauty is all about glamor, and in fact there is a lot of glamor, refinement and brilliance. However, the career of a professional makeup artist goes far beyond that. It requires responsibility with schedules, good interpersonal skills, financial management, inventory control and many other knowledge and skills.

That is why it will be your compass whenever you need to make decisions or when you need to face challenges. It will help you to always have the strength to move on.

It is your cause.

how to become a professional makeup artist step 02

2. Evaluate yourself and discover yourself

One of the most important skills in my opinion, not only for the makeup artist, but especially for him, is self-criticism.

It is necessary to understand what are your natural makeup skills and what are his biggest difficulties. Having this awareness will even help you when choosing which paths you will take within the universe of makeup / beauty.

For example: If you are more conservative, you can choose to work with make-up focused on services focused on the social makeup niche. If you are super creative and daring you may want to work with fashion makeup, cinema or TV.

how to become a professional makeup artist step 03

3. Search for a complete training course

I know that there is a possibility that you can be self-taught, and maybe even do amazing things without having attended any course. If you’re like that, great. It will have a certain ease. However, the knowledge that is presented in a professional makeup course aims to train her not only in techniques but as in the entire skill set that a professional makeup artist who wants to succeed in 2021 needs to know.

Being a makeup professional does not stick to knowing how to reproduce some techniques well, but rather to understand the psychology of makeup, shapes, colors, lines, the personality of clients, and especially: how to use your ability to reveal the essence of each individual beauty person you touch with your brushes.

how to become a professional makeup artist step 04

4. Have an entrepreneurial vision

What do I mean by having an entrepreneurial vision? I mean that to be an entrepreneur is to be able to take risks, have a long-term vision and understand the investment mechanism and search for ROI (Return Over Investment), in Portuguese: Return on investment or simply: profit.

If you have an entrepreneurial vision, you understand that investing in a good course, in quality materials and in all the resources necessary to establish yourself as a complete professional will not be an expense, but an investment that can multiply the amount employed many times over.

If you want to be seen as a real professional, gain respect and recognition by the market and customers, you will need to pay attention to all the details and your journey begins with your training course and the acquisition of work materials.

how to become a professional makeup artist step 05

5. Promote yourself

If you want to work with makeup, make it your main source of income and live all the joys that this profession brings. You will need to dedicate yourself to publicizing your work as a fundamental part of your stay in the market.

If you do a great job, beautify your clients and make them happier, you need to let even more women know the power of makeup applied through you. Imagine how many customers still dream of finding their ideal makeup artist? You can be the chosen one. Appear and grow.

how to become a professional makeup artist step 06

6. Be an eternal learner

However good your technique may become, never settle. Realize that the world of makeup is very dynamic and even if you have “mastered” the techniques, you will always need to be aware of new trends, launches and everything that is happening on a global level, because you need to be prepared to serve customers who are increasingly informed and attuned.

In addition to always being able to evolve a little more and conquer even more space in your city and region, get more and more customers, recognition and strengthen your brand through the provision of an increasingly qualified service.

how to become a professional makeup artist step 06

7. Connect with the makeup universe

As I said earlier the world of makeup is very dynamic and to stay up to date you need to be connected to various sources of information, news and knowledge so that you can keep up with all this whirlwind of things happening all the time.

For this, count on blogs, Instagram profiles, YouTube channels, Telegram channels, email lists from trusted sources, etc.

how to become a professional makeup artist step 07

8. Find your mentor

The mentor is someone who has already walked the path you want to take and can guide you by pointing out what to do and what to avoid. The mentor will share his experience and wisdom to make your journey easier and faster.

Nowadays everything happens at an amazing speed and being able to count on a validated method, a generous and experienced mentor will bring you endless possibilities for personal and professional growth and fulfillment.

Tell me here in the comments what you think of this article and share it with someone who is also thinking about being a makeup artist.

Don’t forget to leave your comment or suggestion of subjects that you would like to see here on the blog.

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