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Learn How Much Should You Charge For Your Makeup Service

Want to know how much you should charge for your professional makeup? In this article you will see everything about how to price your work, know all the factors that influence the final value of your service and know how much to charge even if you are a beginner.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


Not infrequently, we find ourselves in the profession of freelancers a little lost on how much to charge for professional makeup. Often, pricing is not even a topic covered in the courses, which is sad, as it is necessary to know how to charge fair value for both, so that it is possible to evolve in the profession and live off it.

It is very common to think that we should charge a value much lower at the beginning of the profession, which can be a shot in the foot, as this attracts an audience X and then it is very difficult to increase the value, even acquiring experiences and specializing later, people they may not understand.

Part of being your own boss is the responsibility of making your own salary, but how do you price your work correctly and fairly? That is what we will see now.

Define your target customer

Knowing the public you want to work with, will give you a guideline when it comes to investing, specializing and consequently how much you will charge in your makeup.

What class do you want to attend? A, B, C…?

This directly influences all of your work. Both in price, positioning, products you will use, etc.

Service location

This is another point that is directly linked to the type of audience you want to attract.

Attending in a studio in the city center or in a mall, for example, attracts a different audience than when you attend in a neighborhood, for example. Service points in the city center, shopping centers or upscale neighborhoods tend to add value and status to work, making it possible to charge more.


Products need to match the demands of your audience, the higher the class of your audience, the greater the demand. And the more you invest in products the more you need to charge.

A great tip is to use Hi-lo (Diversify your kit with expensive products with cheaper ones), especially at the beginning of your career where you have slow returns and you need a lot of investment.

Invest in great skin products and mix more affordable brands for other areas. Today there are countless good and cheap brands including national ones.

Experience / Specialization

Your experience determines your final value as well. If you have invested, learned, committed and can deliver a superior result, you deserve and should win for it.

Think that Picasso’s paints did not play on the screen alone. Your knowledge is worth a lot and you need to get paid for it too, that way you will continue to specialize and evolve both in life and in the profession.

How to calculate the price of a makeup

It is important to create a spreadsheet with all the products you use in your makeup, the value, the number of applications that each one yields and how much each application comes out.

For example: Take the value of the base and divide it by the number of applications it yields, which are about 30. Do this with all products.

This spreadsheet is essential when it comes to knowing how much to charge for professional makeup.

Remember to multiply the value of the shadow that is normally used in more than one.

After obtaining the value of a make-up, you can use the 100% system, where you double the cost and obtain the final value of the make-up.

But if you have additional expenses like renting the property or team of employees, for example, you can add a profit of 150%.


It gets a little chilly in the belly when the customer asks for a discount and you’re already on a tight profit margin but you don’t want to lose the customer, do you?

In this case, it is necessary for you to explain to the client in a delicate way that the products and your service are of excellent quality, and that you are already working on a tight margin.

You can also add a trading margin to your value to be able to trade, but be careful, this can create a culture of discounts as you become known and soon you are no longer able to collect your value.

When we are talking about high demand for a specific event, it is something else. For example, in a wedding, you can only charge a travel fee and dilute that fee in the final price of the service for the entire group you will attend, so you win and so do your customers.

False eyelashes

You have certainly heard the following phrase: “without eyelashes is cheaper? ¨, isn’t it?

And then I ask you, do you sell eyelashes? Or do you sell ready-made, full-service makeup?

If the person dispenses the eyelashes in order to be cheaper it can compromise the final result of your makeup, which ends up not being interesting for your brand, your signature.

Always have the final value of the makeup to offer to the customer, do not be dismembering in the value of eyelashes and displacement, sell the full service and with a determined value.

If the makeup doesn’t need lashes, ok. You sold the makeup and not the lashes, did you understand the difference?


It may be that there is an event and you need to move, or even for not having an adequate physical space you have to attend at home and everything is fine, as long as the amount you will use to go and return is included in the price of your service .

If you are going to work just by going to the client, cover in a unique way, without having to explain to each client that you need more X to go there. Disclose the total value of the complete work. This inspires professionalism and does not tire the client with details that she may not even be interested in.


If you count on the help of someone to expedite your calls, the value of this work must also be charged, otherwise, you will only be turning money and in the end you will not have ROI (profit).

In that case, you can use the 150% profit margin.

Analyze the prices of your region

The size of your city, the demands and types of events directly influence the value of your service.

You need to be aware of the common sense practiced in your city, so always be up to date on the prices that other professionals are practicing.

Get away from the price war

It is very common, especially at the beginning of their careers, for professionals to throw themselves into the price war precisely because they do not know how much to charge for professional makeup.

We know that it is not always possible to start by charging a high price, but be careful not to drop your price on the ground, as this will never make you over money for you to invest in better products, bigger space and better specializations. And this is sad.

Conquering customers is neither an easy nor a quick job, so be patient and continue to evolve as a professional, doing the right thing. Remember that it is not only important to win customers, but to create a brand.

It is better, from the beginning, to determine a reasonable value, so that you make a profit, feel motivated and manage to have sustainability in the market.

Knowing how much to charge for professional makeup is challenging for everyone who starts out as a professional, even more if you have always lived under the CLT regime. But understand and internalize that you DO deserve to receive and receive a fair price for your work.

It may be that some people are resistant when you say the value of your makeup, but we make-up artists know how poorly made makeup is expensive, right? Can you imagine having to look at your wedding album all your life with the corner of the cool lashes and the cracked base? It must be a terror.

So always value your profession, your dedication, and always specialize, serve well and charge a fair amount for it.

How to calculate the price of makeup?

The value of makeup is a result of the products used, the makeup artist’s specialization and other factors such as detachment, employees and property, etc.

How much does a makeup artist earn per day?

This depends on how much it will serve, the amount charged and the expenses it has.

How much does a bridal makeup artist earn?

This depends on factors such as: type of audience, amount of service and expenses.

How much does a beginner makeup professional earn?

The value varies widely from professional to professional. There are several factors that determine the earnings of a makeup artist.

À bientôt,

Raphael Oliver

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