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8 steps to choose the professional makeup course that’s right for you

In this article you can check all the steps on how to choose the professional makeup course, how to compare values, whether it is better to study online or offline, what to analyze in the school structure, how to choose the professional and much more.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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Every professional has had or is unsure how to choose the ideal professional makeup course. But this doubt is not restricted to the beginning of the career, because the courses and training will always be in the life of a makeup artist, since he will be constantly updating himself on trends, techniques, new products and materials.

Every new course will require commitment and financial investment, so we need to be sure that it will meet our expectations and add us professionally. You have probably heard someone say that they took a course but that it was very superficial, that the tutors did not deliver knowledge, the structure was not ok, etc.

But how do we make sure that course is right for us? That is precisely what we will discover in this article. See how and what aspects to evaluate in order to acquire the right learnings for your career.

1 – On or offline? How to choose the professional makeup course?

Today, more than ever, we have a wide range of online courses, from the most basic to specific techniques.

Online learning gives you mobility, flexibility of schedules and the material is always there, in case you need to review and support if you have any questions. But all these amenities require discipline and commitment, as it is much easier to procrastinate.

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But there are people who, in order to learn, have the need to be present with the tutor, to touch, to speak on the spot and this determines the type of student you are, and knowing that it is possible to choose the ideal modality for you.
There is no right or wrong. Both online and offline have their advantages and to know how to choose the professional makeup course that is right for you, you first need to know what type of student you are.

2 – What is the price of a professional makeup course?

There are many types of courses and, therefore, their values also vary. From city to city, from professional to professional, etc.

At this moment, there are no magic solutions, you have to go to the field and buy values, what each one offers, and what is the cost-benefit.
Both online and face-to-face courses need this care.

3 – Choosing the school

Research all institutes and vocational schools in your city and also online if it is interesting for you. Always be attentive to the professionals who teach the courses, the duration of the course and the type of contract they practice.

It is very important to seek referral from other students and online assessments, after all, it is about your career, your money and time, isn’t it?

Also check if the institution offers a certificate. It is aggregating to expose your diplomas because it gives credibility, especially at the beginning of the profession. The more specialized you are, the more you will add value to your customers and they will feel they are in good hands.

4 – Makeup style

There are social makeups, which, as the name says, are used in social media and events, for everyday life, parties and social events such as weddings, graduations, etc.

And there are artistic makeups, which are used in parades, shows, theaters, halloween parties, etc.

Right at the beginning of your career you will already have this in you, but nothing prevents you from learning both.

When choosing the ideal professional makeup course for you, care must be the same: institution’s reputation, values, methods, etc.
And for those of you who are starting your career as a makeup artist and still don’t know exactly what to do, click here and discover the Career options for the Professional Makeup Artist.

5 – General and professional courses

This type of course is the most comprehensive, introductory and longest of all modalities. It is ideal for those who are at the very beginning, since they teach from how to pick up the brushes.

As said, it is indicated for the beginning of the career, if you already have a good knowledge of the area it may not be so interesting and to know how long the professional makeup course lasts it is necessary to consult each institution.
For those already in the area, the ideal are the workshops of famous brands and makeup artists, and specific courses on techniques such as bridal makeup, eye techniques, etc. All in order to update the professional.

6 – Products

If you choose to study at an institute in person and it offers the materials for the classes, check that they are in good condition.

Not having to invest in everything at the same time and right from the start can be a great advantage, and thus, you test and know different brands and products.

7 – Investigation and contract

Get to know the history of the school, the opinion of students who have already passed. Some professional training institutes and centers even allow an experimental class or a technical assessment, where you can find out what your level of knowledge is, and thus understand whether the course or school is right for you.

As for online training, we usually already have a preview of the work of professionals through social networks and also some courses and workshops give you access to tests for a few days.

But always remember to know the professional, the school, the reputation and the course beforehand. Seek as much information as possible so that you can invest your money in the smartest way possible.

Also check the legal support that the contract offers. If you have a guarantee of non-satisfaction, reimbursement, if what is provided for in the contract will actually be delivered, etc. Normally schools that work with transparency tend to have a contract in which it offers more security for both parties.

8 – Specific techniques courses

There are specific courses and workshops for: bridal makeup, skin techniques, specific eye makeup techniques, mature skin, visagism, color theory, etc.

This model is ideal for professionals who are already in the business and want to deepen and specialize their knowledge.

These events take place in a few days and have certificates. Many people travel to participate in these workshops of make-up artists and famous brands in order to specialize. Be aware of this option as you will likely participate in several throughout your career.

As you can see, there is no single option or universal formula for choosing the professional makeup course or specialization, which is great!

That way, you are free to study what you like best, where you feel best, always giving free rein to your imagination and exploring your passions.

Knowing how to choose how to choose the professional makeup course will soon become natural for you, as you progress and discover yourself in your career and soon you will do it naturally.

Both online and in person, you have numerous opportunities to train for this very dynamic market very well.

Tell me, did this content help you?

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A hug and see you next,

Raphael Oliver

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