Is Online Makeup Course Worth It? - Raphael Oliver
Is Online Makeup Course Worth It? - Raphael Oliver

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.

Is Online Makeup Course Worth It?

Do you want to invest in the profession of professional makeup artist through an online makeup course? Is it worth it? See everything in this post and make the right investment.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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You can even learn some fashion techniques from Instagram, and through them gain some followers and likes, and that’s great, but like all fashion trends, it tends to be fleeting.

As an artist you can and should unleash your creativity with looks that go beyond common sense on Instagram or any other social network in order to attract attention. However, in front of your client, it’s not about you, it’s about her.

And when we are talking about a client-professional relationship, it requires empathy, connection and the necessary knowledge for this. To create a long-term career and win customers who will accompany you for years, it is necessary to have a complete professional makeup training that enables you to be a beauty consultant, and not just a look replicator, which often does not even please 30% of clients looking for the beauty salon.

The big problem

The big challenge or problem that I realized during my 10 years of career as a makeup educator is that makeup as a profession is much more complex than what is preached in most advertisements of courses that we see.

What do you mean Raphael? What I want to tell you is that throughout my professional makeup learning journey I realized that it is necessary to know much more than makeup techniques to really stand out and create a successful career.

The problem is that most makeup courses focus only on teaching makeup techniques, short courses and that certify the student as being a professional makeup artist, only that he leaves the course totally lost on how to use what he learned to start a business , have revenue, profit, customers and sustainability, and unfortunately a large portion of these students end up giving up the profession due to lack of preparation and discouragement in the face of unanswered questions.

Why does this problem exist?

I don’t blame my fellow instructors, or schools, or professional makeup event organizers. I understand perfectly that everyone is trying to do their best within the education and resources they have, and also in the culture that is already established. I’ve been in this industry for 10 years now, I understand how it works. I know that it would be impossible to train a professional makeup artist in a 1, 2, 3 day course, in a single live broadcast or in a week course.

The subject is really long and requires a certain amount of time and a didactic, refined, structured and validated to be able to train a professional makeup artist in a comprehensive way. And because I am aware of both sides of the coin, I do not blame and fully understand why things are as they are.

The fact is that the knowledge brings understanding, but isn’t there a better way to do it? Is there no way out of this big problem?

I realize that there are many talented makeup artists with incredible skills in a number of things in makeup, such as: contouring, smudging, applying eyelashes, contouring the lips, etc. Skills that really impress, but there are often certain gaps in the training of this makeup artist that makes him make some mistakes that prevent him from going to the next level. That is why I always say that even if you are already a makeup artist, that you do your job very well, you are not completely sure that you know everything, and when in doubt, it is better to continue studying and looking for the next level.

The solution

After a lot of thinking about a solution to this problem, in a way to really get off the surface, to stop teaching only makeup techniques, which leaves makeup artists in a vicious cycle of always looking for the new technique of the moment, of new wave, of the new fashion, of investing endlessly in courses that do not really prepare them to be free artists, artists who really understand the art of makeup and dominate it, being able to adapt to all the constant changes that the market of makeup goes on, I found a way out.

I asked myself: – “How can I teach so much about the makeup artist’s career in such a short time?”, – “Teach the professional knowledge that he doesn’t even know exists, but which are the foundation of the career of practically all successful makeup artists that I know, in Brazil and in the world? ”, -“ My God, I will need a few, weeks, maybe even months to be able to teach all this. ”

“How am I going to do this?”

It was then that I considered the idea of ​​creating my online course, but I didn’t want it to be like all the other online courses I had ever seen, I just didn’t want to continue teaching only the 50%, what do you mean? Which 50% are these?

The makeup technique represents only 50% of what involves the makeup artist’s career. In addition to the technique, it is necessary to know about photography, marketing, personal image, service, advertising, social media, among other skills necessary for the results and goals to be achieved.

Well, now that you understand why the online course is an excellent way to learn large amounts of content in a more distributed and interesting way, let’s see some more important points about why a professional makeup course is worthwhile:

What are the advantages of taking an online course?

01) Large amounts of content

Through video lessons you can learn large amounts of content gradually, without overloading your mind, reconciling more calmly with your routine. Unlike face-to-face courses, you do not need a specific day to study and can learn from anywhere in the world.

02) The power of control

One of the things I like most about learning via video lessons is that it is possible to review whenever necessary if you forget, it is possible to pause and take notes, return when something is not clear and it is possible to make your own study schedule according to the availability each, something that requires a little more adjustments and organization in the face-to-face courses.

03) Geographic freedom

Imagine finding a teacher that you like, and not being able to learn from him because you live far away because you don’t have time, or even because it would be too expensive to travel to his city. I myself have met several incredible teachers on different subjects on the internet who live in other parts of the world and that I might not have the chance to learn from them if it weren’t through video lessons. Another positive point is that it is possible to attend classes from anywhere in the world on my own cell phone, in case you have any doubts or if you have free time and want to take the opportunity to advance or review a class.

04) Learn and apply

Another advantage of learning with video lessons is that it is not necessary to finish the entire course to start putting it into practice, in fact this is one of the biggest advantages. You can learn to get started and you can keep learning and advancing, although it is not a rule that everyone can feel prepared to start before finishing a course, being able to combine practice with learning is incredible, after all the knowledge that is not used is discarded by the brain.

Advice: Be careful with the expiration date of the video lessons you have purchased. There are courses that make your classes available for limited periods, causing you to be forced to study in that predetermined period. The downside is that if you have any unforeseen circumstances and cannot study, you may lose what you have invested and will only be able to review it within the access period. So it may be better to opt for a more expensive course that offers lifetime access.

Which is the best online makeup course ?

The best professional makeup course is one that best fits what you want for your career as a makeup artist. For example: If you want to invest in classic social makeup, look for a course in which the teacher is an expert in this subject and can give you the best direction.

In addition to observing whether the makeup style you are looking for is in line with the style the teacher offers, see also other details such as:

  • What is the knowledge grid of the course: what is taught, what is the quality of the didactics, and if it’s a superficial course or if it is complete.
  • If the course has good audiovisual quality: As the course is about makeup, it is necessary that the course has good audio and video quality so that you can see all the details well and really manage to learn very well during the whole process.
  • How much access time the course offers: Whether you are starting or already working, it is normal to forget something or want to revise a class, and a course with a very limited access time will not be as interesting, because if you need to see it again after the expiration period, you will need to pay again.
  • Research on the history and cases of students: Try to understand what is the history of this instructor and if your students can really learn and applying what they have learned really results.

How does the online Makeup course work?

The online makeup course is characterized by recorded lessons and hosted within a platform that allows the student to attend classes organized by modules, usually divided by subjects. The interesting thing about this is that the student is able to watch and apply, being able to revise whenever necessary, and thus progress throughout the process.

The best platforms also offer support to the student, community, quiz, forum, among other resources that help a lot in the student’s engagement during the process, providing an experience that is very similar to that of a face-to-face class in the sense of interaction with other colleagues. Good platforms allow students to access their classes via computer, cell phone and even TV, which is great because the student can study from any device with internet access.

And how does the student have access to classes? Usually an access pass is sold where the student is included in the database of the platform, receives a user and password and then begins to enjoy the contents, in which at the end of the program he is granted a certificate of completion.

Why take an online makeup course?

If you have an aptitude for makeup and like to deal with people, and you identify with this art, you should consider transforming makeup into a profession, because in addition to being something extremely satisfying to work with, it offers countless opportunities for financial gains in a very democratic way, that is, it just depends on your effort and dedication, to study, seek and win new customers and more space in the market.

Well, I hope this article has helped you.

Hug and see you next time,

Raphael Oliver

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