Subtitle for makeup photo - Raphael Oliver
Subtitle for makeup photo - Raphael Oliver

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Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.

9 caption tips for makeup photo: See how to use it to interact in the best way.

Check out 9 caption ideas for makeup photo and how best to use them to interact and generate connection with your followers and customers.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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You created a beautiful makeup, took a photo and at the time of posting, caught! Who has never been stuck when creating a caption for a makeup photo that shoots the first brush.

There is no doubt that social networks are a great, if not the biggest showcase for our work and as part of it, it requires commitment and knowledge. The more you know how it works and algorithms, the more assertive your publications will be, but the topic of digital marketing is for a next post.

Now let’s talk about a very important detail in publications: the caption. So if you want to use subtitles to your advantage, check out the material I have prepared for you. In it I explain about the best way to use them when posting a photo of your work.

The importance of subtitles

The captions used in the photos are of paramount importance on social networks. A picture is not always worth a thousand words and this is proven when we are rolling the feed and we are faced with an interesting photo. What do we resort to when looking for more information? Immediately in the caption!

They are a very important tool for interacting with the public, where a question can be inserted encouraging people to comment and interact, increasing their visibility.

Another important proof of how captions are essential is that if you open Google right now and type “caption phrases for makeup photos”, there will be several search suggestions for phrases for photos alone, phrases for photos of best friends, phrases for captioning photos, etc. That is, a lot of people are interested in the legend because we are not always super inspired to create something super original.

What is the best caption for makeup photo?

When it comes to creating a caption for a makeup photo on Instagram in order to publicize your work, it is not necessary to take too long and create gigantic and erudite texts, on the contrary, be brief. Use emojis in a way that makes sense, but avoid captions just with them.

Check out 9 practical and objective caption ideas to add to your photos.

Caption for professional makeup photo

If you are a professional who serves customers, use a dash of storytelling and tell a little about what was done in production: what the client was looking for, what was her feeling that day and how was the experience during the service. You can introduce the concept of makeup as well. This will generate a connection between you and your audience and also the other customers who follow you can read the caption and identify themselves.

Makeup caption ideas

  1. If the makeup was made for an event you can quote it and briefly explain how it was pleasant to participate. This will add value to you;
  2. You can make a nice short comment about the client, sincerely praise her and add some emojis in that context. That way people will realize how friendly you are and will want to be taken care of by you;
  3. You can create a challenge in the caption, encouraging your followers to comment, like a good day, comment with a specific color of emoji, answer a question, etc.
  4. Phrases that express your opinion and passion for the photo posted are also welcome;
  5. Long captions that tell a story can be used, but within context and strategy. Nothing to create captions telling the story of your life with each makeup you post. This becomes tiring to follow. Focus on what the photo or video is about and include information about that image.
  6. Use hashtags in a rational way. It is useless to include a super hot word just to appear, as your post will appear for those who are not interested or looking for that type of content at the moment, which can affect even your engagement or maybe even fall into the shadowban;
  7. Still on hashtags, be careful with the quantity, try to use a maximum of 10; The idea of ​​hashtags is to categorize the photo. Do not use for hashtags that have nothing to do with the context. For example: #instafood # follow4follow on a makeup photo.
  8. Use spacing between paragraphs, this makes reading less tiring;
  9. Use the caption to mark people and product brands, but without exaggeration

It is very important to publicize your work constantly on social networks, as this is where most people are and you do it for free. Thinking about it, I gave the best light tips for makeup photo and How to do a makeup with professional effect? Complete guide, everything for you to publicize your work in a professional way, just click on the link.

Now you know that this space does not need to be used only with beautiful phrases or mega impact, your audience wants to feel you are accessible, to feel that you are there, in those lines, be you.

People look for simple and clear information in subtitles. In them you can add your essence, catchphrases and communicate effectively with whoever your photo reaches.

The image has the power to attract the attention of those who see it very quickly, but the caption for the makeup photo is what explains, interacts, offers more information and connects you with your audience.

Always keep in mind that subtitles are like your voice in each post.

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