how to apply professional makeup step by step - Raphael Oliver
how to apply professional makeup step by step - Raphael Oliver

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07 Secrets On How To Apply Makeup Like A Professional

Discover in this post 07 secrets on how to make a perfect professional makeup and stand out in the market offering a high level service to your customers.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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In this post, I will address a little about the makeup universe. It is wide and full of sparkles, colors, textures, and possibilities. However, there are some key points that are fundamental for a good result. Discover in this post the 07 Secrets On How To Apply Makeup Like A Professional step by step.

Estimated reading time: 5 min

01 – Start discovering the skin undertone

Yes, the skin undertone has to do with the skin temperature, which is its predominant color background, and it’s from it that all product decisions and choices are made.

The undertones are Neutral, warm, cool, and olive. The neutral undertone accepts both warm and cold tones. The warm undertone harmonizes better with the warm tones, the cool undertone with the cool ones respectively, and the olive goes well with both warm and cool tones.

02 – Put your talent in the skin preparation

Unlike personal makeup or self-makeup, professional makeup requires a more elaborate ritual in skin preparation, both in pre-makeup, where we apply moisturizer, primer, mist, among other products to make the skin lush, it is still necessary to make corrections and camouflage which may involve the use of colored concealers such as coral or orange for example, which is normally used to camouflage sun spots or brownish or purplish dark circles.

03- Enhance the strengths and minimize the weaknesses

Through the techniques of contour and highlight, also known as contour and lighting, it is possible to both highlight the strengths of the face and minimizes the weaknesses.

Light tones enhance and give volume ilusion, while dark tones hide and add depth.

04- The eyebrows are the frame

The eyebrows have the role of framing the look and bringing expression to the face. Whether to correct flaws, complete spaces or even highlight what is already beautiful, it is very important to pay special attention to them. Eyeshadows, pencils, eyeliner, fixing waxes and other products and textures can be used to give that necessary boost to the eyebrows.

My tip is: respect the natural design of each customer’s eyebrow and use the makeup only to highlight it. Because an eyebrow with a lot of makeup can weigh the expression and even overshadow the beauty of the entire face.

05- The eyes are the apex

One of the most striking and interesting characteristics in professional makeup is undoubtedly the shadows elaborated with perfect finish, smooth and attractive gradients, opaque or super bright.

The smudging of the shadows, the perfect transition between colors and even the perfectly precise features are strong characteristics that that makeup was prepared by a competent professional.

Isn’t necessary to exaggerate, but the little you do, do it with cleanliness, leaving the finish as perfect as possible, without dirt or stains, both in the smudge and on the skin.

Always choose lashes that do not exceed the size of the eyes, so that they do not leave the look heavy and drooping, and that above all they are not too long or too bulky so that they do not cover the entire shade.

06- Don’t forget to highlight and put some color on the face

Illuminating the strategic points of the face creates a sense of dimension, enhance, adds freshness and brings a more glamorous and refined appearance to the look.

If the skin is dry, try the liquid and creamy versions on the high points of the face, for mixed and oily skins the compact powder versions of the product are more recommended to avoid the production of oiliness.

Finish with a blush of natural and harmonic effect for the skin and for the makeup proposal, according to even the time and occasion. If it is daytime, make it lighter, and if it is for the night, you can accentuate it a little more, since the product tends to soften over the hours.

07 -The lips are the grand finale

After the whole process of makeup of the skin, eyes, eyebrows, having applied blush, highlighter and all the other products, it’s time to finish with the choice of the perfect lipstick for the proposal.

The lips can not “fight” with the rest of the look, but rather complement, so if you make a very eye-catching smoky, opt for softer and more natural tones on the lips.

If you are thinking of using a red lipstick or wine, for example, make your eyes softer, choosing shades with less depth.

I hope that the post “07 Secrets for a perfect professional makeup” has helped you to unveil a little of the process of elaborating a professional makeup.

How to do professional makeup step by step?

1- Clean your skin thoroughly with make-up remover and apply tonic
2- Hydrate the skin well
3- Apply foundation and concealers to make skin tone uniform
4- Make up your eyebrows to hide the flaws using a shadow, a pencil or a gel
5- Make eye shadow, if you are not so skilled with colored eyeshadows, only with shades of brown and illuminator or lighter shades it is possible to create a perfect eyeshadow
6- Apply blush and highlighter
7- Finish with lipstick

What is the average price of professional makeup?

The price of professional makeup can vary a lot according to the city, the level of the professional makeup artist, and even the brand of the products that are used to make it.
The price can be from $ 30 to $ 60 for beginners makeup artists, from $ 100.00 to 150.00 for intermediate level makeup artists, and from $ 250 to $ 500.00 for advanced level makeup artists.
The makeup can vary from $ 1,000.00 to $ 15,000.00 (or more) depending on the level of work, recognition, and fame of the chosen professional.

How much does a makeup artist earn per day?

A makeup artist on average performs 07 to 15 makeups a day on the weekend or on graduation or wedding day for example: If the makeup is on average $130.00 she will earn $1,950 if she meets in her own space, if she pays a 50% commission for the salon, for example, will have $975.00

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