how to waterproof your makeup - Raphael Oliver
how to waterproof your makeup - Raphael Oliver

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07 Steps to make a resistant and waterproof skin makeup

Do you want to make your makeup last longer, be resistant to water, tears and even friction? We brought everything to you in this article.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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Both the professional and the client want resistant makeup. Discover the 07 steps to make a resistant and waterproof skin and win even more customers with your work.

The makeup artist, even if indirectly, has the privilege of contributing and participating in very important moments in people’s lives. Have you ever thought about it?

This passionate profession sows happiness and to be safe in those moments, the client needs to be sure that the makeup will be in place to look beautiful in the photos.

Who doesn’t like perfect skin, right? Now imagine all this combined with a surreal resistance to hot climates, tears and even friction?
Incredible isn’t it? Keep reading and learn how to build much more resistant and long-lasting makeup.

how to make a resistant and waterproof a skin makeup 01

1. Cleaning

First the basic and necessary: Clean the skin.

First of all, it is very important to wash your face with the ideal product for each skin type. All the dirt and pollution accumulated in the pores, excess oil are enemies of makeup.

After washing the skin, a tonic or micellar water should be used to remove the residues that the soap alone cannot remove.

The tonic cleans deeply and balances the pH, so it is ideal for oily skin.

Micellar water is ideal for all other skin types, as it cleans smoothly and without drying out.

how to make a resistant and waterproof a skin makeup 02

2. Hydration

The second step is hydration. It is indispensable for all skin types, even the oily ones.

Start hydration with liquid products such as thermal water and mist, because after the creams, its absorption may be impaired.

There are several types of moisturizers and all skins are served, for oily skins choose dry touch moisturizers, or gel-based formulas.

After applying the moisturizer, allow a few minutes for the skin to absorb the product.

how to make a resistant and waterproof a skin makeup 03

3. Pre-makeup

The primer has the function of disguising the pores and can be applied with your fingers, pressing gently so that it penetrates the pores and creates the illusion of smoother skin.

It is very important not to apply the primer in excess as it may crumble and compromise the result of the makeup.
A great investment is the waterproof primer, which is even more resistant compared to the common ones.

how to make a resistant and waterproof a skin makeup 04

4. Makeup

One of the secrets to creating a stronger makeup is the thinner.

The thinner is a wild product and you will see how useful it is throughout the article.

It is one of the great secrets to create a resistant and waterproof skin. The better your quality, the better the result.

So it is extremely important to invest in a good thinner so that the makeup really fixes the way you want and your client needs.

For a tough skin, the thinner will always be waterproof, okay?

Another important secret is to use the creamy blush and highlighter even before sealing the skin. This will make all the difference in resistance and fixation when we are looking for a skin that resists, thus avoiding scratches and blemishes when the makeup comes in contact with liquids such as water or tears.

Tip: Always check the compatibility of the thinner with the product you want to dilute. Use oil-based thinners, with bases of the same formulation, and vice versa.

how to make a resistant and waterproof a skin makeup 05

5. Corrections

Camouflage concealers are preferred by makeup artists, because in addition to high coverage, they have a much longer duration than conventional concealers. Make sure to use one that is waterproof.

In addition, adding the thinner will increase the durability and fixation on the skin.

Both for the moment of camouflage and for the use of concealers in the contour, the tip to dilute is the same. Caution: When using a thinner, be sure to blend it very quickly as the product can dry out and stain your skin.

how to make a resistant and waterproof a skin makeup 06

6. Uniformization

After several steps to leave the skin well prepared, it is time for uniformity with the foundation.

Many bases have a very interesting duration on the skin, but the tip of diluting the base with a waterproof thinner is gold.

The thinner will make the base much more water resistant and more fluid and easier to spread.
An important detail is that the more diluted the base and the concealer are, the lower the coverage will be, so it is necessary to dose the diluter according to the desired result.

how to make a resistant and waterproof a skin makeup 07

7. Setting

When sealing, use a translucent velvety powder, and do not overdo it. Apply a thin layer with the product just to ensure that the creamy products do not migrate to other regions of the face or accumulate on the expression lines. In doing so, in addition to not removing the luster from the skin, a low amount of powder will ensure that the makeup is not scratched if the person tears or perspires.


As you can see, there are several details to make a makeup with resistant skin so that it brings a durable and satisfying result, both for the makeup artist and for the client.

A resistant and waterproof skin is built with good products and excellent techniques, which will make your customers safe in every important moment of their lives, bringing you much more authority.

Because beautiful makeup is good, but beautiful and resistant makeup is even better!

If this article helped you, leave your comment and share it with friends,

To the next.

Raphael Oliver

Does setting the skin really make it last longer?

Yes, because without sealing the skin in the slightest, creamy products can accumulate in the expression lines.

How to make the makeup last longer in the heat?

To help contain sweat, good primers, thermal water, waterproof bases and correction agents should be used and always sealed with powder.

Why my base doesn’t last longer?

The durability of the base is related to several factors. From cleansing the skin, choosing the right moisturizer for the skin, whether this foundation has a waterproof formula or not, whether the skin has been sealed properly, etc. Long-lasting makeup is the result of a well-executed application process, as was stated here in the article.

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Mamta Singh
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