Foxy Eyes: How to create the makeup look - Raphael Oliver
Foxy Eyes: How to create the makeup look - Raphael Oliver

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Foxy Eyes: Step by step how to create the effect with makeup

In this article you find out exactly what it is and how to create the foxy eyes effect with makeup. See everything about the “foxy eyes” trend that promotes an elongated and very sensual look.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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The foxy eyes or fox eyes technique is a make-up proposal that came with everything after being seen in celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

This technique proposes more elongated and raised eyes, making references to the look of a fox and also remembering the shape of oriental eyes.
Many people have already resorted to plastic surgery to achieve this look but this is not necessary, we will now learn how to create how to make foxy eyes with makeup.

What is the famous Foxy Eyes?

Foxy eyes brings a smoother and smoother makeup proposal, usually in shades of brown that do not extend across the entire eyelid and also do not usually have large outlines.

The proposal is to create the impression of a striking look like that of the fox itself, elongated and sensual.

The foxy eyes technique is basically composed of shades of brown that are worked in order to lift the look, with or without eyeliner.
There is an extra trick to lift the look, which is to hold the hair by pulling the sides a little harder to lift the skin. The trick exists, but the effect of foxy eyes doesn’t have to be painful, so let’s go step by step.

Step by step to create foxy eyes with makeup

  1. Use tape or cardboard to keep the smudge from spreading. Apply it on the outer corner of the eye, diagonally towards the eyebrow;
  2. Apply skin color concealer to the entire eyelid to uniformize this region;
  3. Start by smudging with a softer brown tone creating a kind of eyeliner close to the lashes and the tape. Smoke well and reduce the intensity of the product as it approaches the inner corner of the eye;
  4. Use a slightly darker brown to create a second, more intense smudge just below the first, following the same line;
  5. Seal the concealer on the rest of the eyelid using a powder or shadow of the same skin tone;
  6. You can use eyeliner or not. If you want to outline, it is important that the line is thin and goes towards the end of the eyebrow so that it gives the feeling of stretching too;
  7. In the inner corner of the eye, create a small outline outlined, so that the outer corner will appear higher, highlighting the outer;
  8. Remove the tape or card and highlight this division on the skin with the powder.
  9. Brighten the inner corner of the eyes, and below the eyebrows using a facial illuminator.
  10. Finish with the false eyelashes applied only from the middle of the eye to the outside, to attract all the attention to the outer corner. This will help to create the illusion of “torn” and elongated eyes. Capriche in the mask and voilá!


Eyebrows help create the visual foxy eyes, so they deserve special attention.

In this style of makeup, eyebrows tend to be more natural and more transparent. So nothing to score too much. The idea is to create the “model brows” effect, that more messy and natural effect. To do this, just blend them with a little shade and with the use of a transparent wax or gel, comb the hairs upwards. There is also the “soap” to do this.

The handy tip is to use a glycerin soap with the help of an eyebrow brush to comb them and leave the hair well raised. Just sprinkle a little water, brush the brush in the soap and apply on the eyebrow, pressing and combing the hairs upwards. The effect is super interesting.

Not all eyebrow shapes allow the creation of a new model, but it is possible to raise them even if only a little.

To finish

Connect the end of the upper outline with the beginning of the lower. Use a brown shade to keep the result from being too heavy.

Remembering that it is not necessary to outline the entire eye, concentrate the product in the outer corner and smooth it out until it almost disappears in the inner corner.
And last, but not least, the gradient eyelashes help to create the elongated and pulled effect of the eyes, choose these models to create a perfect foxy eyes.

Now that you have learned how to create a beautiful and striking eye, how about adding durability to your makeup? Click here and see the 07 Steps to make a makeup with resistant and waterproof skin.

Extra Tips

Be careful when removing the tape and remove carefully as the base can come out together.

One option is to do the skin first, then the eyes, especially if you don’t have a lot of practice with smokey eyes yet.

Another tip is to remove and remove excess glue from the tape so as not to cause any rework.

You will see that the result is incredible. The foxy eyes offers a smooth result, so it is super indicated for social and daytime events.

Smudging is also relatively simple and with just 2 eyeshadows and 1 brush it is possible to create it.
Now that you know everything about this technique, how about training and disseminating this new technique to your clients? In this article Find out what is the best light for photographing professional makeup and transform your profile on Instagram you learn everything to take wonderful pictures and publicize your work.

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