How to do a makeup with a professional effect
How to do a makeup with a professional effect

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How to do a makeup with professional effect? The Complete guide.

Creating a makeup with a professional effect is the dream of everyone passionate about make-up. In this complete guide, you can check everything you need to achieve this result and delight even more with your work.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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How to create a makeup with a professional effect is the dream of every make-up artist at the beginning of their careers and even those who just like to put make-up on.

A professional make-up is the result of several steps, of several details that in the end, make up an impeccable and lasting effect.

You can check now, all and the details that make your makeup look professional and look great on Instagram, in your services and conquer more and more customers. So let’s go?

1 – Pay attention to the products

We all know that the techniques and experience of the professional determine the final look of the makeup, but the products deserve special attention.

A foundation, for example, you need to be sure that it will not run on the skin, because only with a product that does not perform correctly, your result for everyone will be compromised.

So always choose products that perform well. I’m not talking about expensive, imported products, but products you can trust.

There are several national brands for great prices, very suitable for beginners makeup artists, because for a relatively low price, the professional can train techniques with a product that suits you very well. Check out the post Assemble Your Makeup Kit For Beginners: Complete List

2 – The materials

Here we will talk about brushes, sponges, etc. Everything that helps to give the professional effect to makeup.

Good brushes make it easy to smudge your eyes and with that the final result looks professionally check out the post on Makeup brushes: How to assemble your kit | The Definitive Guide

Again, your materials do not all have to be imported, there are many good and very cheap brushes.

Just do a little research in stores or on the internet. There are national brands very famous for being good and cheap.

3 – Attention to detail

The great secret of a professional makeup, is the precision in the finishes, in addition to the durability and the final aspect of the makeup.

For precision, it is necessary to acquire practice at each stage, for example, the filling of the eyebrow, the symmetry and precision of the eyeliner, the contour of the lip, etc. and for all of this it is necessary to practice.

4 – Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a separate topic.

They need to be up to date within the makeup, with the correct color, the correct shape for the client’s face type, and the makeup needs to be valued.

Usually the client already comes with an eyebrow ready at home, in others, the make-up artist also does this service, which is not very common, as it takes a long time to put on make-up.

So, advise the client to come up with eyebrows made for makeup, if that is their desire and style, of course.
Today we are seeing the wild style, but it is not used by everyone or on all occasions.

5 – Well-made skin prep

Nothing determines the result of a make-up more than a well-made skin.

The skin is the largest area of the face and deserves a lot of attention, both when caring and applying makeup.

There is no use in a perfect eye and a melting skin. Did it also make you sad just to imagine?

So, if you need to do a quick makeup but with a professional effect, invest everything on the skin.

As for the eyes, just apply a mask or false eyelashes; a nude gloss or lipstick can be used on the lips. There, you have already achieved a makeup with professional effect very quickly.
In addition, if you want an opaque makeup with a professional effect and that lasts a long time, check out these tips on how to make a resistant Makeup: Discover all the secrets.

6 – False eyelashes

It is not for nothing that we see millions of eye makeup tutorials, they are really a difficult area to work on.
So, practice the outline and how to glue the lashes in the best way so that it does not peel off and the result is a makeup with a professional effect. In the post Types of eyelashes for each eye shape: Learn how to choose you check everything about the subject in more depth.

7 – Thinner

Both to improve the spreadability and to make the products waterproof, the thinner is indispensable.

The texture and durability of products as a base and concealers change a lot and the result is professional. So much so that it is actually used by service professionals.

8 – Finishing the skin

The major trick to finish a diva skin without that powdery aspect, is the mist, which gives the skin shine and luster, taking away the lifeless opaque effect that the powder leaves.

Only those who know this effect know what I’m talking about and agree and if you still don’t know the power of the mist, you need to know it as soon as possible.
It can be applied before and after makeup and there are several on the market at a very affordable price that you can test to make your makeup look professional.

Bonus tip – Photos

With powerful makeup you will be able to take incredible photos and publicize your make-up to win more and more customers and admirers of your work.

Therefore, it is very important that you take good photos, with good lighting and quality and so enchant with your makes.
In this article, you can check everything about Lighting for shooting makeup and shooting tips

As you can see, there are several details to build a makeup with a professional effect and all of them deserve attention.

The secret of a well-made skin, a well-drawn outline or a well-positioned eyelash is practice, tests and more tests.

A great tip to test, is to apply on yourself, that way you feel exactly how the product behaves throughout the day and you will feel safer when using them in your appointments.

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