Complete guide: Check out everything about how to make a perfect eyeliner - Raphael Oliver
Complete guide: Check out everything about how to make a perfect eyeliner - Raphael Oliver

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How to make make a perfect eyeliner – Complete Guide + how to avoid the major mistakes

With this complete guide on how to make a perfect eyeliner, you learn how to create the traditional elongated eyeliner and how to avoid major mistakes. This guide allows you to create colorful eyeliners, double eyeliners and has the possibility to style it.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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How to make a perfect eyeliner is the dream of every makeup lover, but we all know that has some difficulties in creating a perfect and precise line.

The eyeliner is very versatile, it can be made colorful, stylized, double or simple and with the great advantage of being able to be adapted to the sizes and shapes for each type of eyes.

For professional makeup artists, building a perfect eyeliner is of paramount importance for two main reasons: agility in service and precision in finishing.

That is why, thinking of you, dear colleagues of profession, I have gathered here a complete and killer guide to the art of the eyeliner. With it you can create double eyeliners, colored eyeliners, stylized eyeliners and much more. Come with me.

Types of eyeliner products

Currently, the professional makeup artists has several options of products to create an eyeliner, being able to choose the one that best suits.

There are the traditional liquids, in gel and pen, each one has a differential and although they have their own characteristics, there are differences in applicators and products. So be aware of all this as it directly interferes with the final result of your eyeliner.

There are, for example, pens with firmer tips and others that are more malleable. The same goes for liquid eyeliner applicators and the brushes used for the gel product.

The finish must be taken into account, as there are products with a matte effect and those that have some shine. The intensity of the color also varies from the most transparent to the most intense blacks. These variations are common from brand to brand.

All the details influence the final result of your make up, so if you have more questions about How to make a makeup with a professional effect? Complete guide just click here to check it out.

What is the easiest way to do an eyeliner?

There are countless tricks to create a symmetrical eyeliner, this is the biggest challenge for a makeup artist. Who has never gone through the disappointment of creating a perfect eyeliner in one eye and was unable to reproduce the same in the other?

So I gathered the 3 best tricks of how to make a perfect eyeliner for you to achieve this symmetry:

  1. Use ribbon

The alongated eyeliner effect always goes towards the end of the eyebrow, rising diagonally. So it is very useful to put a tape in the lower corner of the eyes towards the tip of the eyebrow. After that build the eyeliner with that baseline.

  1. Hair clip

In this tip, the tip of the clamp that looks like a ” V ” is used as a stamp. Once you have this demarcation, just fill in the eyeliner and correct possible imperfections.

  1. Create a template with pencil

After stamping you can still create a sketch of the eyeliner with the pencil, and only then give the entire finish with the eyeliner.

Perfect eyeliner step by step

  1. Start outlining the eyelid, create a thin line near the root of the lashes.
  2. Always start with a thin eyeliner, as it is easier to thicken later.
  3. Only then go to the elongated eyeliner.
  4. Create a line towards the end of the eyebrow.
  5. Join the outer corner of the eyeliner with the eyeliner close to the lashes, advancing to the middle of the eye more or less. At that moment, tricks can be used.
  6. Have concealers, cotton swabs and makeup remover on hand for any adjustments you may need.

Like all makeup techniques, how to make a perfect eyeliner is a matter of practice, tests and adaptations.

After learning and creating the basic eyeliner model, you can create colored eyeliners, and also create a double eyeliner or stylize them with glitters, rhinestones, etc. In other words, after learning how to do the eyeliner, there are thousands of options for you to explore.

Major Mistakes

Stretch the skin to apply eyeliner

This error is very common because it gives the sensation of having more visibility of the eyelid, and it may even increase visibility, but the end result is totally erroneous because when the eyelid returns to its place, the eyeliner can be completely wrong.

To make a perfect eyeliner, never stretch the eyelid, even more if the client’s skin is mature, the flaccidity hinders the creation of the precise lines.

Still on mature skin, this article brings together the best tips to eyeliner and make up flabby eyelids, just click here Makeup for mature skin over 50: Enhance beauty without marking the expression lines.

Apply the mask before the eyeliner

Always create the eyeliner before applying the mascara because the lashes make it difficult to work and to see the eyelid. In addition, the product that picks up eyelashes can blur the skin.

Do not consider eye shape

Each eye has a shape and size that harmonizes with the face, so the eyeliner needs to be adapted to each person. The wrong shape of the eyeliner can end up creating an unwanted effect on the makeup like uniting or enlarging the eyes too much or giving the effect of droopy eyelid.

Eyeliner on the waterline

Many errors happen after the makeup artist applies the eyeliner in the waterline, especially those with a more fluid formula.

For this region, use pencil or gel eyeliner that is firm, so it does not spread in the customer’s eye and she does not cry black tears on top of the perfect skin you have already created.

My last tip or advice as a makeup artist is: test and train as much as you can and even become an expert in creating eyeliners.

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