How to create perfect eyebrows with makeup | Raphael Oliver
How to create perfect eyebrows with makeup | Raphael Oliver

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How to make perfect eyebrows with makeup + main mistakes to avoid

In this guide you will learn objectively how to make perfect eyebrows with makeup. Discover the types of products that exist for eyebrows, how to use them and what are the main mistakes to avoid.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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The goal is very simple: perfect and natural eyebrows . That’s what we look for when we go to make up. Eyebrows are the frame of the eyes and have the incredible power to harmonize and balance the features of a face.

A good eyebrow makeup adds harmony to the face, raises the client’s self-esteem and promotes a very satisfactory effect on the final result of the make up.

Making a perfect eyebrow makeup, knowing which products to use and how to use them, is exactly what you will see here.

Types of products on the market

There are pens, eyeshadows, pencils and pomades on the market currently to correct the eyebrows.

For makeup, it’s important that you test and see which product fits best for your style.

So how do you find out what is the best eyebrow makeup? Testing which one suits you best.

Remembering that it is very important that the products used on the eyebrows are really made for them, so that they do not harm the hair.

Make-up the eyebrows with eyeshadow

For those who already have a beautiful shape of flawless eyebrows, the eyeshadow is perfect just to fill the gaps in them, as it creates a filling background for the natural shape of the eyebrow.

When choosing the shade color, choose a shade a little lighter than the natural color of the hair and always with cold undertones.

For the perfect eyebrows makeup to last longer, remember to use the primer, it enhances the color and durability of the eyeshadow.

To combine the durability of the eyeshadow, how about learning 07 Steps to make a makeup with resistant and waterproof skin? Click here to read.

Make up eyebrow with pencil

The pencil is very practical due to its shape that we are used to since childhood.

It gives firmness and precision in the creation of the strokes, it is great to correct small flaws in the shape and also to create the effect of fuller eyebrows as well as the surplus.

Eyeliner pen for eyebrow

The pens have an extremely fine and precise tip, which allows the creation of stroke by stroke, giving a super natural effect.

There are several colors available, always choose the shade closest to the color of the client’s natural yarns.

Eyebrow Gel / Pomade

The gel offers the same effect as the pencil and eyeshadow, which is the fill. This type of product can be applied with a brush and also has the advantage of being able to be diluted, thus giving you control over the intensity of the coverage and the texture.

Eyebrow Mask

For a long time, colorless eyelash masks were used to comb and leave the eyebrow strands in place, as a kind of hair gel. Currently we have on the market specific masks for eyebrows with colors very similar to natural ones.The function is to fix the hair in place and add color. Creating perfect eyebrows on clients who already have white hair.

Eyebrow Design

The design is very important for the harmony of the face. If you don’t work as an eyebrow designer you don’t need to remove hair when making up but it is important to know where the eyebrow starts, how far it can be arched and where it ends, so that you can correct them correctly.

To work even better on facial harmony, how about getting to know The ideal contour for each face shape: Everything you need to know. Just click here to know.


If necessary, after making up your eyebrows, you can use a concealer brush, to clean the line, in case you are making a more defined eyebrow.

Main mistakes when making eyebrows:

● Darken and mark too much the beginning of the eyebrows;      

● Use a color that is very different than the client’s natural hair;      

● Not take hair color into mind when choosing the color of the product to correct the eyebrows;      

● Arching too much or creating the caret effect;      

● Not smudge the product, leaving straight lines on the eyebrows;      

● Not comb the strands.      

● Not identify what is ideal for the client and create a standardized design.      

When it comes to eyebrows, we must remember that each person has their own style, so to be considered a perfect eyebrow , it needs to be in accordance with the style, face shape and facial context of the client.

Eyebrows play a very important role in the final result of makeup and as a professional, you should certainly always seek the best result.

Now you have everything you need to create powerful eyebrows and also learned what to avoid, how about starting to practice right now?


I hope this content has helped you,

Best wishes,

Raphael Oliver

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