Makeup tips for mature/older woman skin over 50 years old - Raphael Oliver
Makeup tips for mature/older woman skin over 50 years old - Raphael Oliver

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Makeup tips for older woman over 50 years: Enhance the beauty without marking expression lines.

Do you want to learn how to make up women with mature skin over 50 without marking the expression lines? Check out many tips in this post.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


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Many professionals, especially at the beginning of their careers, have doubts on how to make a makeup for mature skin over 50 years old in the right way to achieve a very beautiful finish, and without highlighting the expression marks.

This type of skin needs some special care, because in addition to wrinkles and expression marks, mature skin has sagging. In addition, both the texture and the color, have some difference in relation to the young skin.

Mature skin is lacking in water and needs attention both in its preparation and when sealing, requiring special care in each stage of makeup.
Makeup a skin over 50 requires knowledge and practice, so train a lot of makeup tips for mature skin over 50 that I prepared for you.


The step-by-step does not differ from a young to a mature skin, but it is necessary to take specific care in each step, such as products, quantities and textures.

When cleaning, it is important to be careful with the most astringent products, as the mature skin does not have much natural oil and drying it out at this stage can make the makeup not look beautiful.

Therefore, gently wash your face with a soap suitable for this type of skin and guide the client to take this care on a daily basis too, after all, a well-groomed skin results in a more beautiful makeup.

1.1 – Micellar water

Micellar water helps to gently cleanse the skin without drying out, so it is an important point in skin preparation.

Use it to remove the rest of impurities that the soap was not able to remove and remember: the preparation of the skin is 50% of the final result of the makeup.

1.2 – Primer

The primer can be used in the preparation of mature skin, but it is important to apply little product and only where the skin really needs it and if it needs it, tapping it.
To know exactly makeup for mature skin over 50, we must keep in mind that the more layers of product you have on your skin, the more likely you are to crack and mark expression lines.

1.3 – Hydration

You may have already seen in a makeup tutorial for mature skin over 50, that hydration is an indispensable step when preparing your skin. And yes, it is true. Never skip this step.

Always use a good moisturizer suitable for the client’s skin type.

The skin under the eyes, on the other hand, is one of the areas that deserves more care, as it is more sensitive and marks the makeup more, so use a specific cream for that region.

2. Skin Preparation

2.1 – Foundation

It is important to use more fluid foundations, especially in makeup on the mature skin for the day, as they mark less the lines of expression.

Avoid bases with a matte finish and high coverage, as they accumulate more easily in the furrows of the skin.

A very important tip to add to your care is to have bases that have some treatment and expose this to the client.

She will feel cared for and happy to know that her skin is being treated while she is wearing makeup.

2.2 – Concealer

In order to fulfill its function of covering different skin colorations, concealers are usually quite dense and form a thicker layer on the skin.

Therefore, when applying makeup, choose moisturizing liquid concealers and apply only where necessary.

An important tip is to dilute to obtain a thinner layer, in case you do not have a specific product for this age group.

As for the contour and lighting, it is better to replace the concealer with the powder contour. Use a shade slightly deeper than the skin tone and don’t overdo it.

2.3 – Setting the skin

Setting mature skin is a big challenge. Too much powder can crack and no powder can compromise the durability of makeup.

When it is necessary to seal the mature skin, use very little powder and measure it. Focus only on zone T.

There may be cases where the use of the powder is unnecessary, analyzing each case is very important.

2.4 – Contour

The contour for mature skin is the same as for young skin, as it depends on the shape of the face, not the skin exactly.

You can check everything about the ideal contour for each face shape by clicking here.

As for products, the ideal is to use powder to create a light contour on the face. That way there will be no need to seal the creamy contour and dispense with the use of a product, resulting in one less layer on the skin.

An extra tip is to contour the cheek in a circular shape below the cheekbones to give the impression that they are taller and more voluminous.

2.5 – Blush

Blush is of paramount importance. Apply it to the center of the cheekbones. The tip is to use a cream blush because in addition to moisturizing the skin even more it helps in the luster.

In this way, ¨health¨ is returned, as mature skins tend to be paler.

2.6 – Highlighter

If you are now discovering how to do a make-up for mature skin over 50 years old, know that yes, you can brighten it up. The ideal is to use a cream highlighter, applied with your fingertips, a sponge or a cat tongue brush and dosing the product.

It is also important not to go up with it to the temples, but to apply the product only on the high point of the apples.

3 – Eyes

3.1 – Eyebrows

In older people, eyebrows are often flawed. So it will give a great prominence in the final result and deserves all the attention.

It is important to draw the eyebrows very well, especially the more part and always consider the choice of the color of the product so as not to run away from naturalness.

An option that is a trend are the pens and pencils with the superfine tip that allow you to draw a kind of very thin line that imitates a fur, creating a super natural effect.

3.2 – Eyes

One of the biggest challenges of makeup for mature skin over 50, is the droopy eyelid.

The older you are, the more sagging of your eyelid, so forget about the outlined kitten. It is practically impossible to create a line without that serrated effect that the excess skin in this region causes.

Opt for smoky outlines and always dark and opaque shadows to create depth in the concave, the result is very chic. If the client already has a concave marked, apply the deepest shades of shade only on the outer corner of the eyelid in diagonal. In addition to opening and looking up, you will not leave your expression heavy.

To illuminate below the eyebrows, you can use a pearly nude shade, or even a facial illuminator that is usually more harmonious.

4 – Lips

Over time, the lip loses volume and natural contours. Before applying the lipstick it is important that it is contoured with the same shade as the lipstick, or if you want to dare and increase the size of the lips, choose a darker brownish tone, as if it were a facial contour color and then fill in normally with the lipstick.

And the final touch is on account of the gloss, which when applied in the center of the lips creates the sensation of more volume.

5 – Finishing

To finish the skin, use a fixative spray and also the mist to remove the dust effect, increase the durability and give a more beautiful finish to the skin.

There are not necessarily makeup tricks for mature skin over 50, the secret is to understand the needs of this type of skin and from there go on measuring and testing the products.

It is very important that the professional knows how to do a makeup for mature skin over 50 years old to be able to serve their clients well. After all, makeup is for everyone, and everyone deserves to shine! And if you know how to make up mature skin with excellence, you can serve more and better.

So, did you like the tips?

I hope I was able to help you,

A hug and see you next time 🙂

Raphael Oliver

What is the best foundation for mature skin?

The best foundations for mature skin tend to be more fluid, moisturizing and luminous finish.

What to use on mature skin?

Sunscreen, moisturizers and products containing vitamin A and C.

What is the best primer for mature skin?

Os melhores primers para pele madura são os primers que têm disfarce óptico de linhas finas de expressão e poros dilatados que são muito comuns nesta idade.

How to do makeup on elderly people?

Hydrate the skin very well, use light and moisturizing bases and use visagism techniques to lift the look and expression.

What is the best basis for disguising expression lines?

There is no way to disguise expression lines with the base. What is possible is not to intensify them. The ideal is to use a fluid product that does not accumulate in the lines and to take care of the excess of powders.

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