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Eyelash Style For Each Eye Shape

Eyelash Style For Each Eye Shape

Did you know that each eye shape requires a proper false eyelash and that the shape of the lashes can open, lift or even drop the look if it is chosen wrong?

Find out in this post which is the ideal eyelash style for each eye shape.

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For the close set eyes, lashes with smaller inner corner and larger outer corner it’s best. This style will bring attention to the outer corner of the eyes, creating the sensation of wider and more distant eyes.

Avoid lashes with a very long and bulky inner corner, this will close the look and create the sensation of even closer eyes.


The hooded eyes are those that don’t have a defined concave, and the skin of the eyelid overlaps the space of the movable eyelid, that is, what is visible is only the fixed eyelid, in this eye shape I recommend the use of rounded eyelashes, because the volume in the center of the eyelid lifts and harmonizes this eye shape.

Be careful with lashes with a lot of volume in the outer corner, as this will damage the aesthetics, as it will bring all the attention to the outer corner thus leaving your eyes looking droopy and tired.


The downturned eyes are those where the outer corner has a more downward sloping angle, which naturally leaves the expression looking more tired and drowsy many times. The ideal eyelash style for this eye shape is the rounded eyelash, as bringing the highest volume to the center of the eyelid is possible to balance the look and make the expression more alive.

The deep set eyes are those where the movable eyelid is practically hidden within the bone of the concave, this eye shape requires a very detailed choice in the shape of the eyelashes, mainly in terms of size.

Don’t use eyelashes that are too long or with too much volume, as they can hide the eyes even more, the ideal is an eyelash of medium length and volume.

The ideal for this eye shape is also the eyelash with round style.

Use the diagonal style only if the eyebrow is higher and if the tail of eyebrows isn’t drooping.

In protruding eyes, those with the eyeball projected outwards, avoid round style lashes, as they volumize the center of the eyes, further accentuating their bulky aesthetic.

The ideal here is to use a more diagonal lash style and with greater volume from the middle of the eye outwards, especially well curved so that there is depth in the outer corner and at the root of the lashes bringing balance to this eye shape.


The almond-shaped eyes have a slightly raised outer corner, which resembles an almond. They are the easiest to make up and to fit the false eyelashes, because their shape harmonizes well with the lashes with more rounded and diagonal shapes.

It is worth mentioning that not only the shape of the eyes should be observed, but also the shape of the eyebrows, because although the shape of the eye is not dropped, for example, but the eyebrow is, the shape of eyelashes must be revised.

When in doubt, try 02 or 03 different lash styles, lengths and volume to find the most appropriate style according to the shape of the eyes, occasion and makeup.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can leave them in the comments.

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