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“When I started to do make up I didn’t imagine that makeup would become so important in my life and career and that through my methods I could help so many people to have the chance to also transform makeup into their profession”.

Raphael OliverMakeup Artist & Educator

Art & Inspiration

“Makeup for me is much more than just applying products to the face. I think that through it it is possible to activate emotional resources such as security, self-esteem, satisfaction and empowerment. And when the makeup artist is well prepared and knows the right techniques, he can touch in the heart of your customers in a unique and unforgettable way “.

Raphael OliverMakeup Artist & Educator

The beginning

I started my career as a makeup artist in 2010 after moving from the small town of only 3,000 inhabitants (Chapada da Natividade) where I was raised in the interior of the State of Tocantins, in the central west of Brazil where I attended all of my high school.

I took my first professional course in São Paulo-SP, where I learned the basics necessary to start offering a professional makeup service: such as products, brushes, accessories, products high coverage, a little color theory, etc.

After this first course I felt more prepared to face makeup as a profession, even though I knew that there was still a long journey ahead. I created a blog and profiles on social networks, where I shared some before and after, posted photos and shared the looks I did on clients.

From then on, I continued my studies, deepening and learning about professional makeup, always evaluating myself and realizing what I needed to improve to offer an increasingly better job to my clients.

At that point I worked only on weekends and, during the week, I had a formal fixed job.

Gradually I was winning over my clients and becoming known in my city, until I made the decision to work exclusively with makeup. I left my formal fixed job to dive deeply into the universe of makeup, to have more time to study and dedicate myself to the profession.

Whenever I did makeup, I photographed and analyzed all the details of what I had done and always tried to improve the next few times. My constant desire to improve has made me learn a lot about professional makeup and also realize how much we need in daily customer service, unfortunately, it is often little explored in some traditional makeup courses.

The fact is that many institutions teach many techniques of makeup, but not how to be a complete professional to the point of not only mastering the techniques of makeup, but above all monetize this skill in a strategic and sustainable way in the long run.

The truth is that I had to study for many years, countless complementary contents in various areas of makeup and other related areas until I reached the formula I have today and that was what led me to my turning

The turning point

I was already working with makeup, I was satisfied with the fact that I was doing what I liked most, but almost always a question came to mind: Will I be able to really succeed professionally in professional makeup, be prosperous, fulfill my personal dreams through the profession?

These questions for a long time plagued me and made me many times even think about giving up.

Today I understand why it all crossed my mind and why I felt it. There were simply no courses talking about it, all the courses taught how to do the “X” and “Y” technique, products, brushes, etc., but not the steps that would come after the course itself, that is, how to enter and remain in the market or what to do to have a successful career.

It was then that I decided to start my studies alone, according to my own intuition and what I felt I needed to learn to move to the next level, I read countless books, I took a Marketing course, courses focused on the business and personal development, human relations, photography, eyebrow design and many other training courses until I really managed to see beyond the horizon presented in the makeup courses.

As I developed, I started to change my entire positioning, the way I dealt with my work, my relationship with the makeup itself.

It was such a radical and significant change that in just 15 days using this new model of work, I started to see changes in my billing in the salon and in customer satisfaction during and after the service experience with me.

I started doubling my commissions every fortnight, the demand increased so much that it reached the point where I had to refuse some clients because I just didn’t have time to meet all those who wanted to put on makeup with me.

By applying this method, I reached the apex of earning $15.000 per month, only working inside the salon without any other external work.

I couldn’t believe the reality I was building, because even I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me that this would have been possible two years ago. Seeing the results of my daily effort and dedication, I was even more excited and satisfied, so I started to reinvest part of what I earned in better products and with that I gained more and more customers every day.

the great discovery

In 2013, I received an invitation to teach my first makeup course in another state. I was not sure how it would be, after all, I had never taught these techniques to anyone.

I was well accepted and I was sure that was what I wanted: be an educator, but I knew that in order to continue my career as an educator, I still needed to prepare myself more, both in theoretical knowledge and in didactic teaching methods.

In 2014 I set up a beauty salon where I worked with my team attending brides and regular customers with beauty services, personal care and productions. Until 2018, I reconciled customer service in the salon with the VIPs and Master Class courses.

My demand for courses grew more and more and with that many trips, until in 2018 I made the decision to dedicate myself exclusively to education because, by that time, I was already receiving more demand from students and invitations to speak at events in the segment , I felt that I was already prepared to make this transition.

As a result, I became even better known nationally and internationally, being invited to speak at events inside and outside Brazil, such as: United States, Ecuador, Colombia, Dubai and India.

Today I have the immense satisfaction of helping all people who want to succeed in professional makeup and do not know which paths to follow, after all I have already walked this journey and with all the experiences I have lived I feel able to contribute in a very meaningful way with those who also they want to make makeup their profession and career.

My mission and goal is to bring my vision, experience, method and message to as many people as possible who dream of learning more about the universe of professional makeup in a different and uncomplicated way.

As mentioned above, my mission is to help people make their makeup learning journey easier, faster and safer by sharing my knowledge and experience.



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