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Entrepreneur, makeup artist and photographer, Raphael Oliver, from an early age felt a deep attraction for makeup and female beauty.

To give vent to this passion and influenced by his uncles, he started to venture into the world of photography as a hobby.

When making portraits of friends and people close to him, he realized that one element was missing for his photographs to shine more: The makeup.

From there he began to study on his own, taking a different look at magazine covers, makeup catalogs and everything else he could access to start immersing himself in and understanding more about the vast world of makeup. Using his intuition, he encouraged himself to start his first makeup on close friends, and after receiving compliments, he was sure there was something in store for him in the world of makeup.

Growing up in a small town he had no contact with the world of fashion and beauty, the most he could do was dream and imagine how he would go about turning his burning passion for art into his profession.

He graduated in marketing and later worked in advertising and photography, and throughout this journey makeup has always been present.

After the encouragement of one of his co-workers, Raphael Oliver took part in an evaluation at a beauty salon, which he passed and began his career as a professional makeup artist, which was his kick-off in the beauty industry.

His passion and discipline led Raphael Oliver to become a master in professional makeup, from his simplest looks to the most elaborate with light and shadow techniques, colors, textures and effects, leading him to international recognition not only as a makeup artist, as well as an educator around the world.

His trajectory as an educator began in 2013 and was consolidated in 2017 with the launch of Master Class R.O, an event that takes both makeup techniques and a broad base of career knowledge, which was based in the main capitals of Brazil , and later became internationalized, gaining ground in other countries such as the United States, Ecuador, India, Colombia and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2021 Raphael Oliver took another important step in his career as an educator, launching the ‘Master of Makeup’ online training, a complete program that prepares the professional in makeup techniques as well as career, photography and marketing, further consolidating the Raphael Oliver Academy and making Raphael Oliver’s courses accessible to the entire world.


Raphael Oliver has always believed in education and in the transformative power that knowledge brings.

Encouraged by his enormous gratitude to makeup and all the opportunities it provided, he founded the Raphael Oliver Academy, which gives students the opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge of the art of professional makeup, infused with the philosophy, vision and enthusiasm of Raphael Oliver , values that have taken him so far in his career.

Today the academy’s ecosystem includes individual VIP courses, which are a kind of mentoring for those who want the personal support of Raphael Oliver, International Masterclasses and online courses, in which one of the differentials is that Raphael Oliver speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish fluently, so he can teach his students in any of these languages, which makes communication and interaction in class much easier and more accessible.

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