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Behind the beauty creations

Raphael Oliver, The Founder.

Entrepreneur, makeup artist and photographer, Raphael Oliver, from an early age felt a deep attraction for makeup and female beauty.

To give vent to this passion and influenced by his uncles, he started to venture into the world of photography as a hobby.

When making portraits of friends and people close to him, he realized that one element was missing for his photographs to shine more: The makeup.

Discover our courses

Online courses

Study with us from anywhere in the world. Our courses have English dubbing and subtitles in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Complete Training Program

Learn all about makeup as a profession. From techniques, to marketing and photography.

Specialization Course

Learn the technique that transforms your regular makeup into super water, sweat and friction resistant makeup and stand out!

Specialization Course

Learn how to structure and organize your career to constantly grow. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re already active and want to go to the next level.


Upcoming Events

Take advantage of our in-person masterclasses around the world and choose the best option for you.

VIP class | Brazil

Individual VIP Courses taught in São Paulo-SP, Brazil

01 Day course


In this course, the Master Beauty Educator Raphael Oliver shares his vision and techniques about dramatic social makeup exploring colors, textures and finishes in order to prepare the student to break their own limits.

02 Days course


In this course, the Master Beauty Educator Raphael Oliver goes deep into the approach of advanced social makeup, going through the essential steps of skin preparation to fine finishes for impeccable social makeup.

01 Day course


This course brings what is most essential and advanced about bridal makeup, from effects, production and textures, finishes and concepts to prepare the student to act with excellence, safety and mastery.

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