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How to pair eyeshadow colors: Learn how to create amazing colorful looks

How to create colorful and harmonic makeups? Can all colors be mixed? What colors to mix for different skin tones? Discover everything in this post.

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Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


Colorful makeup, when to use?

Colorful makeup can be used for any type of occasion, as it is possible to make a smoother colored makeup, with few color mixes and without much intensity for the day.

For example: You can apply a lilac shade across the eyelid and use it during the day that it won’t look too much.

If you want to use more colorful and intense makeup you can leave it to invest in the look for a night event or for a photoshoot for example, but nothing prevents that if you use super colorful makeup even during the day if you work in an agency advertising or at a beauty salon for example.

Can everyone wear colorful makeup?

In theory there is no restriction, but it is interesting to see if the personality and personal style combine with colorful and creative looks.

There are women who feel better with makeup in neutral tones and may not feel beautiful with makeup full of colors.

My advice is: Pay attention to the skin undertone. If the skin is a warm undertone, choose warm tones, and if it is a cold undertone skin, opt for cool colors, since if the skin is neutral, it is possible to apply both warm and cool colors.

color schemes

How to combine colored makeup with clothes?

If the makeup is very colorful, I recommend that you opt for smoother clothes so as not to pollute the look, for example: if it is a makeup using 4, 5 colors + a printed outfit, the look will be loaded. If you are going to wear a dress with more information and still want colorful makeup, opt for a combination of 02 colors at most.

What color of lipstick to use with colored eyeshadow?

Balance is always the best way. If you don’t want to give up a red mouthpiece, for example, opt for a shade with less color variations, and if you are going for a look with 3, 4 or 5 colors, for example, opt for a smoother lipstick for balance.

Which blush to use in a colorful makeup?

In monochromatic looks, for example, it is super elegant to use the same color used in the eyes, also in the cheekbones.

If the makeup is super colorful, opt for a smoother and more natural blush, just to give a colorful effect on the face without creating a shock with the eyeshadow.

How to combine colors and create amazing looks?

The best way to combine colors for makeup is through chromatic harmonies. These are ready-made color schemes, which our eyes tend to interpret as beautiful. They are “sure” combinations for you to apply in your looks.

color temperature

Colorful makeups for you to get inspired

How to wear colorful makeup?

1- Define which color harmony to use
2- Prepare the eyelid with a concealer or eyeshadow primer
3- Choose a medium depth color to mark the concave
4- Use a slightly lighter shade to blend the concave line
5- Apply a darker shade to the outer corner of the eyelid
6- Lighten the inner corner of the eyes with the lighter color of harmony

How to use colored eyeshadows for every day?

Opt for light and illuminating shadows, it can be a metallic or creamy shade.
The pastel tones are beautiful, sophisticated. Colors like lilac, yellow, coral, and pink are excellent options for looks during the day.

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