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What is banana powder? Is It Like Translucent Powder? Understand how to use it

What is banana powder? What it is for and when to use it in makeup. What is the difference for translucent powder, when to use and how to use. Find out everything in this post.

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Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


If you are researching makeup products, following a trend, some makeup technique or just wanting to give your clients’ skin preparations a boost, you are faced with several loose powder options.

Which powder is more universal? Do the translucent and the banana give the same effect? When to use, when not to use and how to use?

If you have a lot of doubts on this subject and have even suffered from the grayish effect that the skin gets after applying the loose powder, keep reading the post and understand exactly which powder to choose for each skin tone and makeup as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

Banana Powder

What it is: The banana powder is actually a loose face powder, and its function is to seal the base so that it has greater durability, but unlike conventional loose powders it has a yellowish color, and for that reason, it takes the name “banana”.

What it does: The banana powder is suitable for skin with a warm undertone (skin with slightly yellow or orange color).

But why was banana powder created?

It was noticed that in some skins the traditional translucent powder left a grayish aspect, and to combat the effect, the yellow pigment was added to the powder, so that it could seal the skin and at the same time “heat” its color which combats the grayish effect, or simply not appears after applied.

What is it, and what is the purpose of translucent powder in makeup?

What it is: The texture is very similar to the banana powder, the translucent powder also seals, but has no color. In fact, it is apparently white. But when applied to the skin, it is practically transparent.

What it is for: The translucent powder has the function of sealing the makeup, as well as the banana, making the makeup last longer and also mattifying the skin, besides increasing the fixation and durability of the look.

And which one to choose? Banana powder or translucent powder?

In my opinion there is not the best, but the most suitable for each skin tone.

Banana powder is best with warm undertones and dark and dark skins, while the translucent is as if it were universal and has a wide range of adaptation.

Avoid using banana powder on cold or neutral skin, for these, choose the translucent or a pink background option.

But how to apply banana powder and translucent powder?

With the sponge:

Apply by pressing lightly on the T zones (forehead, nose, chin and eye area), to seal and reduce the shine of the base.

With the brush:

Take a small amount of product with a natural bristle brush and press lightly on the areas where you want to matify and seal the makeup. Typically the area that needs the most dust is the T zone.

Tip: If you feel that the skin has become very opaque after applying the powder, spray a thin layer of moisturizing mist to restore some of the freshness and radiance.

What better banana powder?

1- Ben Nye
2- Makeup Revolution
3- Airspun Translucent Powder

How to use banana powder?

1- With the help of a brush apply a small amount pressing in the desired place
2- After application use a clean brush to remove excess
3- Finish the make-up with a small amount of mist to add beauty

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