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Black skin makeup: 7 things you might be doing wrong

Maybe you've seen some content on the internet teaching you how to do makeup on black skin, but what about the main mistakes? Find out in this post what they are, how to avoid them and rock the makeup in black skin.

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Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


Makeup on black skin should not be done exactly like makeup on light skin. Ignoring important steps during the elaboration of black skin beauty can result in catastrophic errors, which have even traumatized many black skin women when looking for a makeup artist.

That is why the number of black-skinned clients is relatively low in beauty salons, since most of them end up learning to do their own makeup.

How to reverse this? The first step is to identify the most common mistakes when making a makeup on black skin.

Discover 7 of them now and start improving your black skin makeup.

1 – Leave the face whitish and grayish

One of the most common mistakes is leaving the face of the black-skinned woman grayish and whitish after applying makeup.

But why does this happen?

It’s important to consider both the skin tone and undertone, as well as the tonal scale of the skin and the product. How so?

If, for example, the skin is warm undertone, and of high depth. And the product applied is a cold undertone, and of medium depth, the product will be lighter in relation to the skin tone and this will leave the face gray.

Also check out how to contour black skin

2 – Use products in colors that don’t match the skin

It is very common to see black-skinned women with shades and lipsticks in shades that do not match their beauty and skin tone.

It is necessary to respect the tonal scale and skin temperature when choosing the right colors and compose the beauty of the black-skinned woman.

Here are some shades that harmonize better with black skin and can be used both in eyeshadow and lipstick:

  • Brown      
  • Marsala      
  • Fuchsia      
  • Purple / Lilac      
  • Magenta      
  • Burgundy      
  • Gray      
  • Beige      
  • Water green      
  • Sky blue      
  • Dark green      
  • Yellow      
  • Coral      
  • Orange

3- Glaring contour and lighting

The contour and lighting serves to highlight key points on the face and hide the less favorable ones. Because it is an optical illusion, it needs to be done at the correct intensity and using the appropriate tones to make it look natural.

The big mistake when making the outline and lighting in black skin is not knowing about color theory and ending up missing the tones, leaving the black skin woman with a very white concealer under the eyes, very marked, looking like a movie character Horror.

How to avoid:

Try to use warmer concealer tones for lighting, in more yellowish tones or following the color of the skin itself, but in tones * slightly * lighter for lighting and * slightly * darker for the contour.

4 – “Slippery” blush effect

After the mistake of the base too light, the most common is to apply light pink blush in high intensity on the cheekbones, which creates the “slippery” effect as if the person had won a slipper blow on the cheeks.

The function of the blush is to add color to the face and create a natural colored effect, and not stand out on the face. The idea is not to see the blush exactly where it is applied. It should blend with your skin tone and just add a health effect.

How to avoid?

Use more shades for orange, dark magenta and wine. Apply subtly and blend well with a very soft brush from the outside in, from the ears towards the cheeks. If you feel heavy, use a clean brush and remove the excess by blending in a circular movement.

5- Pink lipstick

Incredibly, this is a very common mistake in black skin makeup (I don’t know why). But it really is practically impossible to apply a light pink lipstick on a black skin and look good.

This is because pink is red + white. That is, it is a shallow color, which does not match the black skin that usually has deeper and darker tones. What happens is that the color of the mouth is in total disharmony with the skin tone and the look itself.

How to avoid?

Look for colors of medium to dark depth, so the contrast with the skin tone itself will be less. That way the makeup will be much more harmonious.

6 – Flatten the face

One of the most common mistakes is also flattening your face. Apply a base tone lighter than the skin and do not make the contours to restore depth in the right places, causing a flat and dull face effect.

This is because when applying the foundation (mainly lighter than the skin tone), all the natural shade and light of the skin disappear, leaving an aspect of sickness and without saturation.

If you don’t want to do contouring, that’s fine. But apply a foundation lighter than the skin, ever!

7 – Terrible blending

Last but not least, making mistakes in smudging, missing blending or not knowing how to smudge is one of the worst mistakes, not only in black skin makeup, but in any makeup.

And this applies to everything, whether it is the skin, the eyes, the contour, in every detail of creating make-up, it is necessary to know how to blend, finish and leave the make-up clean and beautiful.

How to avoid:

The first tip is: have good brushes, with soft bristles that make it possible to blend very well both the contours, as well as the shadows, blush and highlighter.

Second, take courses and learn the skills needed to do perfect professional makeup on both black and any other skin color.


The error stems from a lack of knowledge and technical preparation. From the moment that the professional receives the training, knows the tools and accessories necessary to make a perfect professional makeup, it becomes much more difficult to make these absurd mistakes that end up compromising the image of their clients and their career as a makeup artist.

Take advantage of our tips here on the blog to improve your makeup for free.


Raphael Oliver

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