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What can expired makeup cause?

Understand the risks of wearing expired makeup and what damage it can cause to your health and avoid making this mistake.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


Did you know that expired makeup can cause serious skin problems?

The shelf life of cosmetic products is determined through dermatological tests carried out to prevent health risks.

To avoid skin diseases, allergies and serious irritations it is necessary to pay attention to the expiration date of your makeup.

When the product expires, preservatives stop working, increasing the risk of contamination by bacteria and fungi.

Check now all the risks that expired makeup can cause to the skin and how to avoid them.

The consequences of wearing expired makeup can range from itching, peeling, acne and even infections.

1- Blepharitis and conjunctivitis

For eye products such as eye shadows, pencils, eyelash masks, eyeliner, etc., the attention to validity should be even greater.

Expired substances in the eyes, mainly in contact with the conjunctiva (membrane that lines the ocular surface), will be absorbed by the body and can cause serious allergies that can become super difficult to be treated.

Products that come into contact with the mucosa, such as eyes and mouth, have a shorter shelf life precisely because these areas are more prone to contamination.

Here are some of the problems that expired makeup can cause in these areas:

  • Eyelid Peeling;      
  • Conjunctivitis;      
  • Blepharitis      

Blepharitis is a disease that causes burning, redness, itching and a sandy sensation in the eyes. It can get worse and affect the eye tissues and the cornea.

Even if your makeup items are within the expiration date, it is very important to take some more care in order to avoid irritation or allergies.

One of the main practices to watch out for, in addition to discarding expired products, is to perform asepsis of the brushes and sponges at least once a week and keep the material always in a cool and airy place to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

2- Acne

After expiration, some products may undergo changes in the formula, such as smell and texture, they can present a real danger to the health of the skin.

After expiration, the oil present in some creamy formulas, separates from the product and can clog pores and cause the appearance of acne.

3 – Allergies and irritations

When a product expires, the ingredients in the formula decompose and in many cases oxidation occurs.

As a consequence, it is possible to appear symptoms such as burning, redness, flaking and roughness.

When you notice any of these symptoms, it is recommended to immediately stop using the product, make up and wash your face well.

If irritation persists, see a dermatologist.

Tips to avoid problems with makeup

Most products are not valid on the packaging itself, but on the box. That is why we recommend that you use an adhesive label on which you can write the expiration date of the same, so you will always know if the product is within the expiration date or not.

Conservation tips to increase the shelf life of products

When moistening a product, be it shadow, powder or any other, do not close the package immediately. Leave it open so that all the humidity dries, because the humidity and the absence of light is a perfect environment for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.

Also spray 70% alcohol with a spray at a distance of 30cm on your compact make-up to help fight bacteria.

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