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Skin Care For Beginners: Learn How To Take Care Of The Skin Without Mysteries

Do you want to achieve a more beautiful, youthful and luminous skin? Find out in this article how to make skin care uncomplicated and easy to include in your routine.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


If you made it this far, it ‘s because you’ve heard of skin care , haven’t you?

Every day there is a growing awareness that healthy and well-cared skin is important.

This is great, because a well-groomed skin reflects in a much more beautiful makeup.

But how to set up a simple and uncomplicated skincare routine correctly?

It is about that and a little more that you will learn in this article. Check out!

What is skincare?

Skin Care has to do with the daily, weekly and fortnightly ritual of taking care the skin applying cosmetic or medical products that will keep it healthier, hydrated and luminous.

Why do Skin Care?

The benefits of Skin Care are many, including keeping the skin looking younger and brighter, minimizing the appearance of expression lines, preventing blemishes and premature aging, etc.

How to do Skin Care?

The perfect skin care ritual begins with cleansing the skin. At this point it is important that you know your skin type, as you will need to use a product suitable for it.

See here which product to use for your skin type:

Oily to mixed: opt for a cleansing gel with active ingredients that prevent the high production of sebum and the formation of acne and blackheads.

Normal dryness: a cleansing lotion that in addition to cleaning the skin, also nourishes and protects the region, restoring its flexibility and natural softness.

How Often Do Skin Care?

Washing your face every morning, using a moisturizer and applying sunscreen in a way is already a basic skincare, after all skincare refers to skin care.

Whether you apply makeup or not, regardless of that throughout the day, the face can produce oiliness and have contact with pollution and other harmful assets, so at night it is also important to wash, moisturize, and apply some cream with assets indicated for your profile. of skin or treatment you are doing, for example if you are treating acne, you can apply some dermocosmetic for this purpose, or if you are treating blemishes, you will apply a bleach or acid, etc.

Remembering that if you want to start a treatment for any skin problem, you should see a dermatologist.

In the case of a more complex skin care, involving exfoliation, it is not recommended to do it every day. You can do it every two weeks, for example.

What is the correct skincare routine?

This step-by-step can vary according to each skin, but the essential is the one below:

  1. Clean (Soap, cleansing gel, mousse, cleansing milk)
  2. Toning (Tonic, Thermal Water)
  3. Moisturize (Moisturizer, serum, vitamin C)
  4. Protect (Sunscreen)

Can you use vitamin C on your face every day?

The good news is, yes. It can be used every day, both day and night.

Not sure how to use it?

Day: After cleaning your face, apply vitamin C and, immediately after, the sunscreen. In addition to being a powerful antioxidant, they also have the function of intensifying photoprotection and also creates a protective shield against the harmful effects of pollution;

Night: Remove your makeup, wash and moisturize your face and then apply vitamin C before bed. It will act throughout the night helping in the process of detoxification, rest and skin renewal.


Beautiful skin is the result of a daily care routine. It is increasingly understood how important a well-groomed skin is for beauty.

This awareness serves both for us makeup artists, who end up being an influence for our audience, as well as for customers who always need to take care of their skin so that they have a more beautiful makeup result.

Now, whenever you need to guide a client about skin care, you can indicate our post.

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