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Professional makeup with cheap products

Demystify the belief that you can only do perfect makeup with super expensive products. In this article we will prove that you can do professional makeup with cheap products.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


Is it only possible to make a professional makeup with perfect finish with expensive products?

This is a very common question among many makeup artists, maybe even a certain insecurity if with cheap products they will be able to make a perfect makeup.

When I started my career in professional makeup, I had very few products, most of them from Brazilian brands and also very affordable.

It was with these products that I started my career, conquered my clients and started to make money with makeup.

As I grew up, I invested in more expensive and better finished products.

Pre-make up

Pre-makeup is essential for the makeup to last longer, as it prepares the skin, leaves it more beautiful and luminous, which also greatly improves the final finish of the entire look .

Check out some product suggestions for skin preparation before makeup:

1. L’oréal Micellar Water

2. Cream Balance Moisturizer Make More (Brazilian Brand)

3. BB Primer Vult Blur Effect SPF 15 30g (Brazilian Brand)

Uniform skin

When it comes to unifying the skin, it is important to have products, even if cheap, of excellent quality, as we know that sometimes we need high coverage to make complex camouflages of melasmas, acnes or other skin problems.

However, the same products can also be diluted to serve a lighter and more natural coverage. That’s the tip: Opt for high coverage products and manipulate them to meet your need.

So you will have fewer products in your kit and at the same time a wide range of possibilities.


1. Tracta matte effect concealer (Brazilian Brand)

2. Luisance Skin Radiant

3. Miss Rosê Liquid Concealer

4. Dely Dely Liquid Concealer 

5. Mahav Silicone liquid concealer (Brazilian Brand)


6. Vult High HD Coverage (Brazilian Brand)

7. Vult Fluid Base (Brazilian Brand)

8. Ruby Rose Natural Look (Brazilian Brand)

9. Tracta Medium Coverage Foundation (Brazilian Brand)

10. Maybelline Super Stay 24 hours

Contour and Lighting

When applying light and shadow techniques to harmonize the face, it is necessary to have lighter and darker products than the skin being worked on.

You can use several types of products to actually create these effects, both creamy and powdered. It depends a lot on the preference of each makeup artist.

Check out some product tips that you can use right now:

1. Paint Stick Catharine Hill color Ebony (Brazilian Brand)

2. Paint Stick Catharine Hill colors Natural & Crystal (Brazilian Brand)

3. Bronzer Powder Essence Sun Club Matt (Brazilian Brand)

If you want to know more about contouring and lighting, click here and check out the ideal contour post for each face shape.


The time has come to seal the skin and for that the translucent powders are the most versatile, because the same powder allows an application in different skin tones, this guarantees a very big savings for us makeup artists.

Some powders have a color background, this helps to match the color with the skin tone preventing the tone to be grayed out in some skins.

Check now some tips of cheap and good quality translucent powders:

1. Playboy Translucent Powder (Brazilian Brand)

2. Luisance Studio HD Fixing Powder (Brazilian Brand)

3. Translucent Powder HD SP Colors (Brazilian Brand)

Also check out What is the Powder for? Banana Powder? Is It Like Translucent Powder?

Blush and Highlighter

When it comes to coloring and brightening the face, it is necessary to use good products, as this is when the skin comes to life and brightness.

Check out some suggestions of affordable products for this moment of makeup.


1. Blush Vult Makeup Compact (Brazilian Brand)

2. Blush palette RK by Kiss 

3. Blush Up Dailus (Brazilian Brand)


4. Bruna Tavares BT Light (Brazilian Brand)

5. Vult Compact Illuminating Powder (Brazilian Brand)

6. Pocket Light My Fire Illuminator – Ruby Rose (Brazilian Brand)


When making up your eyes, if you want to save money, the ideal is to use the palettes, because besides being easier to transport, they also have a variety of super interesting colors.

Now check out some suggestions of eyeshadow palettes among other products that you can invest to create beautiful and affordable makeup.

1. Eyeshadow Palette 35 Colors Super Eyeshadow – Luisance (Neutral)

2. Rainbow Lovers Eyeshadow Palette – Sp Colors (Color) (Brazilian Brand)

3. Avon Euphoric Mask Volume and Stretching Effect Wire to Wire 

4. RK By Kiss Gel Eyeliner – Intense – Black

If you happen to have doubts about how to do colorful makeup check out How to combine eyeshadow colors in makeup: Learn how to create amazing looks


When it comes to coloring your lips and putting the finishing touch on your make-up, it’s important to have quality lipsticks, as they tend to come out faster. Have a reasonable range of colors and rock the looks.

Check out some suggestions that you can use:

1. Liquid lipstick 12 hours Dailus Pro (Brazilian Brand)

2. Max Love 12 hour liquid lipstick (Brazilian Brand)

3. Liquid lipstick Bruna Tavares (Brazilian Brand)

As you can see, it is possible to do makeup from beginning to end with cheap and super affordable products.

This is particularly useful if you’re just starting out, if you live in a small town where the price of makeup in general is cheaper and you can’t charge that high, for example, or if you want to enter the makeup market and start your training, do not want to invest too much.

With our suggestions, it will be much easier and absolutely possible to make professional makeup with cheap products.

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