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Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.

Discover the best ways to make money as a makeup artist and get unlimited profits on the internet

Making money as a makeup artist is entirely possible. In this article I show you the way to earn a lot of money with this profession mainly on the internet , where the possibilities of making a profit are limitless and passively.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist and Makeup Educator. Teach courses globally.


The makeup artist career is very profitable. Making money as a makeup artist is entirely possible if the energies and work are channeled correctly.

The world of makeup is bright and glamorous, it is possible to live well financially, and you still have the opportunity to inspire and improve the lives of many people.

In this article I have separated for you several paths of the makeup profession which you can follow and make big profits.

Before we start, I need to remind you that makeup is a CAREER. So it is necessary to understand that it grows step by step and as in any profession there are no miracles, but a lot of work and constant dedication.

Now, let’s go to the tips that will show you the way to success in the makeup profession.

1. How to make a lot of money with makeup?

All work has one goal: achievement and profitability. And it’s okay to choose a profession that gives you high earnings. Do not think that it is wrong to work for the money, as long as that is not the only reason.

With the make-up profession, you will make a profit, but in order for them to be high, you need to grow all your sources of income. But how? I’ll show you:

Invest in marketing / paid traffic to your social media.      

In this way, your work and recognition will grow exponentially. Taking care of your marketing will make all the difference in your growth on and offline .

If you really want to grow, you can’t depend only on organic reach, as social networks don’t even deliver to 10% of the people who follow you. So if you really want to make money with makeup, see it as a business with any other and every business requires investment in advertising.

Consider having helpers      

One of the limitations regarding the earnings of makeup artists is the time factor. A makeup requires X time to be done, with this you have the limitation of being able to serve a Y quantity of people per day.

If you have helpers you can delegate cleaning, moisturizing the skin, and maybe even preparing the skin, so you can only be finished: eyebrows, eyes and lips.

With this strategy you will be able to double, perhaps triple the number of people you will be able to serve.


This platform has great power. In it people seek learning, inspiration, entertainment, etc. and you can win with all of that.

People are spending more and more time on the internet , which greatly increases their chances of gaining views and monetizing your channel.

In addition, on a platform where there are no limits to reach, your authority as a professional and your profits will also have no limits.If you want to learn more about making money from makeup in the pandemic, Click here to read Quarantine: find out how to make money from makeup in the pandemic and continue profiting during the crisis and see more ways to make money from makeup on the internet .

2. How much is the salary of a professional makeup artist?

Here is more good news for those who want to make money as a makeup artist.

There are no earning limits. You have the possibility to have several sources of simultaneous income. For example: selling courses on platforms such as Hotmart while earning attendance, teaching courses and watching YouTube.

Do you realize how high the earnings can be and that some sources of income are passive such as views on YouTube and the sale of courses? That is, once done, they start to generate profits almost automatically.If you are starting your career as a makeup artist and want to learn how to price your work, click here and Learn how and how much to charge for professional makeup even at the beginning of your career.

3. How to have an extra income with makeup?

If you are not yet fully dedicated to the profession but want to earn money as a makeup artist, know that it is totally possible to have a considerable income doing freela , serving only on weekends or at home during free time.

But know that even though this is not your main source of income, you will need dedication, commitment and organization.

4. How to start working as a professional makeup artist?

Start by taking advantage of free materials on the internet . Then look for a complete makeup course so that you can really understand what has to be done, find your customers, do a good job and thus strengthen your name and your brand, everything starts there.

Also, train hard and find out what your makeup style is. The ideal is to have a style in which you are an expert, but even so, nothing prevents you from working with others.If you still don’t know how to choose the ideal course, click here and see 8 steps to choose the professional makeup course that is right for you.

5. Teach courses / vip courses

This is an excellent way to scale your earnings. The amount you earn in just 1 service can be multiplied many times when teaching a course, be it VIP or for a class.

For that, search for partnerships and create your events.

6. Internet

The internet is an UNLIMITED source of earnings. In it you can sell courses, earn by YouTube views, offer materials, have a makeup shop, in short, the possibilities and limits of earnings are unlimited.Another advantage is being able to enjoy several sources of earnings simultaneously, for example, reconciling Youtuber’s career with the offer of online courses.


Without a limit on your earnings, all you need to do to make money as a makeup artist is to think big and seek the knowledge and skills necessary to make your business take off.

Imagine your dream salary, then look for ways to earn it. The sky is the limit for the makeup artist who has the attitude and pays the necessary price for the realization of his dreams and goals.

Always keep in mind that makeup is art, and although working on people’s self-esteem and happiness is priceless, artists deserve to be recognized and to receive precisely for that.

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